1 in 3 Brits would still attend a BBQ even if it rains

With the weather supposed to be getting warmer and summer days getting longer, food experts at Tropical Sun have released a new study focusing on BBQ trends in the UK – and it is good news that we are a resilient bunch and wont let the lack of sun ruin our fun!

A study of 2,000 respondents conducted via OnePoll revealed that nearly one in ten (8%) of fun-loving Brits host regular BBQs regardless of the season. The research also revealed that one in three (29%) Brits enjoy BBQs so much that they would still attend one in rainy weather. One in five (22%) would still commit to hosting a BBQ regardless of bad weather – great news as the weather looks like it will be a factor in Euro 2024 watch parties around England.

When it comes to frequency, the majority of the population (42%) have on average 2-3 BBQs per year. Nearly one in three (28%) have 5-6 BBQs per year while one in ten (11%) have 6-10 BBQs. It was also revealed that Gen Z are hosting BBQs more often than any other age group, with 22% having on average 6-10 BBQs a year.

The study also revealed that nearly one in five (17%) Brits prefer hosting a BBQ, while half of Brits (47%) prefer attending a BBQ. Surprisingly, men (20%) are more likely to prefer hosting a BBQ, compared to only 14% of women. Millennials (19%) were revealed as the age group who are the most likely to prefer hosting.

A surprising finding that may give singletons hope this summer is that 5% of couples (1 in 20) met their partner at a BBQ, proving there’s still potential for making connections organically and away from the dating apps.

According to the study results, the majority of Brits spend under £100 on BBQ food. 31% of Brits manage to host a budget BBQ gathering paying £21-50, while 13% of Brits are comfortable with splashing out £101-150 on a single BBQ.

Sausages were crowned as the nation’s favourite BBQ staple with 62% people choosing it as their preferred grilling food. Meat burgers (59%) and chicken pieces (29%) rounded out the top choice BBQ foods in the UK.

The UK’s Favourite BBQ foods:
1.Sausages – 62%
2.Meat burgers – 59%
3.Chicken pieces – 29%
4.Meat skewers/kebabs – 22%
5.Chicken breast – 18%
6.Steak – 15%
7.Vegetable skewers – 13%
8.Grilling cheese – 12%
9.Beef/pork ribs – 10%
10.Lamb/pork chops – 9%
11.Veggie burgers – 9%
12.Meat-free sausages – 7%
13.Fish & shellfish – 6%
14.Vegan burgers – 5%
15.Portobello mushrooms – 4%

When it comes to the main reasons for hosting a BBQ, sunny weather (73%) came out as the top motivator. Birthday celebrations (58%), bank holidays (49%), watching a sporting event (26%) and showing off a new home or renovation (10%) rounded out the top five most popular reasons for hosting a BBQ. 6% of Brits admitted they host BBQs so they can share photos on social media.

Other key findings from the survey:

– Over one in ten Brits (13%) have made new friends at BBQs
– Men (17%) are more likely to make friends at the BBQ that women (10%)
– 1 in 5 (20%) single people have made friends at a BBQ
– Nearly one in ten men (8%) met their partner at a BBQ compared to 2% of women
– Men are more likely to host a BBQ to show off home renovations than women, with 12% of men claiming to do so compared to 8% of women
– Men (8%) are more likely to host a BBQ so they can put pictures on social media than women (4%)
– 17% of men won’t invite someone to their BBQ if that person previously failed to extend an invite to them. Only 11% of women feel the same way
– 32% of men host BBQs to watch sporting events
– 16% of 25-34 year olds host BBQs to share photos on social media
– Nearly half (44%) of Brits expect guests to bring their own drinks to a BBQ while 25% expect guests to bring food
– One in five (19%) believe a BBQ should be done by men
– Nearly one in ten (8%) expect their guests to contribute money toward the BBQ they are hosting
– 12% of men think guests should contribute toward the BBQ costs compared to 5% of women
– 15% of Brits expect guests to help clean up after the BBQ
– 20% of men expect guests to clean up after the BBQ compared to 12% of women
– Gen Z and Millennials are the age groups least likely to invite neighbours to their BBQ compared to Gen X and Boomers
– Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) 25-34 year olds don’t want kids at their BBQs
– 25-34 year olds (9%) are more likely to favour vegan burgers than any other age group. They are followed by 6% of 18-24 year olds
– Coleslaw is the nation’s favourite BBQ side, followed by leafy salad and potato salad
– Tomato ketchup (84%), mayonnaise (75%), BBQ sauce (69%), mustard (55%) and burger sauce (43%) are the top must-have sauces at a British BBQ
– BBQ (28%), Honey Mustard (12%), Piri Piri (12%), Cajun (7%) and Teriyaki (5%) are the UK’s favourite BBQ seasonings
– The most recreated international cuisines at a BBQ are Greek, Caribbean and Indian

Sinan Jefferies, Brand Manager at Tropical Sun said: ‘’ With BBQ season upon us, we’ve taken a deep dive into British BBQ habits, not only the foods but the cultures and expectations around hosting a cookout. Every Brit will tell you that weather is a big factor, but likely less of us will be as aware of all the other secret ingredients that go towards putting on a successful BBQ. Hopefully our study can shed a little firelight on the subject – and help our fellow Brits make the most out of our unpredictable, often short-lived summer!’’