Nuna Rebl drama

So this week a german safety test put the Nuna Rebl through it’s paces at 40mph and the results were terrifying. The seat base just snapped!

Uk safety tests are done at 30mph at which the Rebl is thought to be fine, which? Found out about the German safety test and indicated to readers that they shouldn’t buy.

rlt in his nuna rebl

RLT may look the business, but he’s not as safe as we thought he would be.

It’s all a bit complicated in that the seat appears to be fine rear facing for kids as long as they’re not the size of an average 3 year old and you crash below 40mph.

But although my baby is 4 months old – this didn’t fill me with much faith, we bought that seat in particular as it was safe and he could be in it until age 4. Paying £400 and worrying about the point in which he becomes so heavy that it’s not particularly safe was a step too far – so we wanted to change it. Here is the video:

Nuna won’t issue a product recall as it does comply to UK safety standards ( that’s a whole other argument… why are our standards less than Germany and Sweden?!) Mothercare were a little late to the party on following suit with exchange – so my other half intervened and contacted his team to do an article. Daily mail and Sun soon followed suit and what do you know, Mothercare were then exchanging or refunding.

We took our Nuna into our local Mothercare store on Saturday for the assistant to say something really daft ‘i wish they’d tested some of the others we sell because they’re a lot worse than the Nuna’. Rather than fill be with confidence on the Nuna it just made me very concerned about the other seats- some parents won’t do the research we did (fat lot of good it did us) and will buy because they believe in the Mothercare brand – stores like this really should be lobbying for safety regulations in UK to meet or exceed those of other countries.

I’m sure this entire situation has been a massive financial burden on Nuna, but I like many other parents couldn’t unsee that video. We exchanged for a Cybex Sirona, which passed the tests Nuna failed – Mothercare didn’t have any in stock so we should get it this week. I feel bad for the Nuna marketing team who have taken the brunt of anger this week, as their product team must have known about it only just passing UK tests – the fact that a redesign is hitting the shelves in Jan indicates they were putting profit before child safety.

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