Let’s get one thing straight here – travelling with kids is no easy feat. There is a constant round of entertainment that you have to provide to them before they can start making up their own. Nursery rhymes whizz around the car on repeat, while you desperately try to remind yourself the next line to the new one that you learned at playgroup the other day – do you wind the bobbin up or wind the bobbin in? – and by the end of the trip they’ve all merged into one and you’re singing twinkle twinkle have you any wool.

So how do you go about getting them on holiday and surviving the plane journey? We’re coming into summer now, and this only gets the wanderlust senses tingling…

Plan Ahead

There’s only so long that a child can be expected to sit still on a plane journey – especially if you don’t have or provide entertainment to them. Stress from yourself can be easily picked up on by them, so make sure that you have everything sorted on your end too in terms of paperwork. If you are travelling to America, for instance, go on the Esta website and ensure that you have this sorted before you travel. It’s little things like this which make a big difference in how you feel. Don’t be too nervous about what’s to come; nobody can predict the future, but you’re not the first parent to take their baby on a plane and you certainly won’t be the last. It’s a hard fact of life that most people can’t seem to grasp, but we were all once babies too! A little leniency goes a long way.


Pack Essentials in Hand Luggage

Most essentials you will have to leave until you get through the gates to buy in customs. Things like drinks mainly – there should be a shop there which sells ready-made formula for you to be able to tip into a bottle yourself on the plane, and if you’re breastfeeding this should be allowed through (if you have expressed). Drinks are good for take-off to help with the pressure that we feel in our ears. We can yawn or blow our noses to make our ears pop, but young children have to rely on something else. Make sure that you pack enough food to last throughout the duration of the flight and beyond; you don’t know how long you will be waiting for your luggage to come around or how long the transfer will be to where you will be staying. It’s always good to overpack this. Ensure that you have enough baby wipes, nappies and spare clothes to see you through.


Enjoy Yourself

The more you enjoy yourself, the more your child will too. Don’t panic too much as you’ll only panic them. There are so many games that you can play on planes that babies will love to join in with too.  Relax – you’re off on holiday, and the journey will soon become a distant memory!