Alternative First Birthday Party Game Idea

So I am in the throws of organising a first birthday party. The youngest attendee being the guest of honour, himself. So I need something that is going to entertain the older ones but give the little one a laugh! So at the moment, we’re thinking about holding a family sports day.  The thinking being that it is a great way to get everyone involved; and everyone will spend the whole day laughing, smiling, and having fun. What could be better for an alternative first birthday party game idea?

We could have opted for fantastic adventure centres and fun locations as a day out for the three of us. But this way all of the family get to see him on his birthday, which will probably be enjoyed by his cousins massively!

So, how do you prep the family for this perfect sports day? The first thing you need to do is create an invitation. You can make the event feel extra special by inviting everyone in this manner, so they know what to expect (and dress in sportswear!). You can make your invitations, or you can easily buy sports-themed invites at your local supermarket or party store.

Once you have done this, the excitement is bound to have kicked in. Why not kick off the events with an opening ceremony? This is something you could enjoy as a family with your partner and children the night before. Get some snacks in, play some music, and enjoy a few party games. You can even get your children to make their own carnival masks and headdresses. You will get your kids excited for the next day, and you can make a real weekend of it by doing things this way.

Now it is time to plan the sports day itself! The most important thing to consider is the activities. There are plenty of different activities for everyone to enjoy, from three-legged races to egg and spoon races. Aside from classic sports day events, why not add some unique activities to the mix? Not everything has to be about racing; you can add some funny activities to the mix too. For example, why not see who can be the quickest to pick and apple out of a barrel of water with their teeth? This is guaranteed to leave everyone in fits of laughter.

Of course, you will need to be the referee for the day. You can tally up the scores to see who the winner is by the end of the day. The likes of Trophies Plus Medals have plenty of great medals and trophies for sale. You should buy a winner’s medal, and then two smaller medals for second place and third place. Everyone will be excited if they have something to work towards!

If you are looking to enjoy a fun-filled day as a family, a sports day is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Follow the steps above, and you can’t go wrong. Even the pets can join in!