Visiting Hong Kong

I’m keen to further explore Asia as a tourist destination in January with my little family. I’ve explored Tokyo for a few days, stayed in China for a month, visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand a few times now. So I am keen to go somewhere else, rather than do the same thing again, just with different people.

Hong Kong is the major contender for me right now, this is a list of how I am trying to convince my other half instead of returning to somewhere I’ve already been;

#1 – It has something for us all!

The Des Voeux area of Hong Kong has an 800 metre incline, which is marvellous for my other half who likes walking holidays! Whereas me and the baby won’t be so thrilled by that, but it is no problem as the city has installed pedestrian escalators – IDEAL!


#2 – It’s Delightfully Offbeat

Hong Kong was technically British until 1997, but the fusion of styles here has created a place that’s unique and a little bit “other worldly”. The architecture and the hotels, particularly if you’re staying in Southside accomodation and more urban areas, is breathtaking in its variance – WE LIKE THAT!


#3 – It’s A Bargain Hunter’s Dream

Street markets are a big deal all across Asia, but if you like to find bargains in the middle of a busy city, then Hong Kong might just be the mothership for you. Ladies Market (as the name may suggest) is the perfect place to find women’s fashion. Ap Liu Street is the place to visit for electronics, but don’t buy the first thing you see. There are items you may find at one stall for 50% less than you do at another – so shop around for the best deals.

Meanwhile, if it’s too hot to shop during the day, try Temple Street’s famous Night Market. The food stalls are worth the trip alone.


#4 – It Will Blow Up Your Instagram

Of all the pieces of advice for visitors to Hong Kong, the single most important might be to get on a tram to the Victoria Peak. There, you will find views over the city that are staggering in their scope and beauty. The mist over the harbour in the early morning means that your photos won’t even need a filter to look amazing. At night when it’s all lit up, Hong Kong might just be the most beautiful city that you ever visit. He is a keen photographer/filmmaker, so this sounds exactly his aesthetic.


#5 – It’s Easy To Get Around

Hong Kong has a population of approximately seven million people – so it will be choked by car and bus fumes, right? Wrong. The aforementioned escalators, pedestrian foot bridges, and a public transport system that’s the envy of the most world cities, mean that the city rarely has traffic jams. Getting around is both simple and efficient; sounds ideal with a small child.