Carnivals of the world

We all love a good carnival, don’t we? The lights, the excitement, and the feeling of reckless abandon! Here in the UK, we don’t do badly. We’ve got Notting Hill Carnival under our belts, by far one of the best worldwide.

But, for the real carnival lovers out there, local offerings may not be enough to quench the thirst. Instead, they may start looking to the famous carnivals of the world. There are many out there which have become ingrained in all our vocabulary’s. And, you could argue that there’s no better way to see the world. A country’s carnival reveals its bare bones. In many ways, festivals like these are the throbbing heart of a place. If you need any more proof these are worth a visit; we’re going to look at some famous carnivals you should see during your lifetime.


Hosted in capital Rio De Janeiro, this is the most iconic carnival out there. In fact, Rio is often referred to as ‘the carnival capital of the world’. You’ll be swept away in an insane, colorful blur. Brazil is a stunning country at the best of times. And, when everyone comes together for Carnival, it becomes even more so. Events change each year, but the 2018 program advertises magic balls, samba sessions, and street parties. Dates for this festival factor around the week before Lent. For the most part, it’s on at some point in February. So, why not book up and see what all the fuss is about?



A close second to Rio Carnival is the Carnival Of Santa Cruz De Tenerife in, you guessed it, Tenerife. Hosted in the island’s capital, Santa Cruz, this festival is sure to be a wild ride. People from all over the world come here to let loose, and the festivities have been known to go on for up to three weeks! Partying for that long is sure to please even the most passionate of carnival lovers. Start the experience by watching ‘Gala Reina’, the selection of the carnival queens, and then get lost in this world of wonder.

Bear in mind that a festival like this gets booked well in advance. You may need to book a place for some events, too. It’s also worth booking accommodation a little further afield. If you’re partying for three weeks, you’ll need some escape. Something like these hotels in Costa Adeje will ensure you’re still part of the action, without being right in the thick of things. So, don’t hesitate to book up for next year!



And, of course, there’s Mardi Gras. Hosted in New Orleans, this is another one for the bucket list. This carnival lasts for around two weeks and ends every year on the day before Ash Wednesday. There’s a major parade each day, and many other events taking place all around. Here, as with all the carnivals mentioned, you’ll be spoilt for choice!