Why Andorra Might Be The Place To Introduce Your Kids To Skiing

Holidays are our chance to experience a little something out of the ordinary. Thrills, sights, tastes, and memories that we won’t get in our day-to-day life. However, when planning a family holiday, it seems like a lot of the usual choices might go out of the window. Skiing is a great holiday activity, but it can be hard to find the right place to give your kids their first taste of slopes. Here’s why Andorra might be the first place worth setting your sights on.

andorra skiing

The perfect place to learn

Simply put, Andorra is one of the easier places to ski, with a lot of trails that are friendly to both complete beginners and those with a little more experience. The country has been putting a lot of effort into its tourism industry, as well, including attracting some world-class English-speaking ski instructors. It’s easy to see why the country’s resorts consistently rank amongst the most beginner friendly choices.

It’s built for it

As mentioned, Andorra’s tourism industry is booming and the country has been committing itself to making it even more convenient as of late. There are a lot of packages for ski holidays to Andorra offering access to plenty of resorts and transfers right from the airport to the mountains. There’s a network of ski lifts all across the country so it’s never too inconvenient to make the trek back from where your ride down the mountain ends. The industry works hard to ensure that families get the safest, smoothest possible on the mountains.

A land of adventure

You don’t necessarily have to go skiing to enjoy your time in the mountains, either. In the winter, there are all kinds of activities to enjoy, from snowmobiles and snowshoes to paragliding down some of the most picturesque landscapes you’re likely to find. Whether it’s ski season or not, there are also fantastic hiking trails, exploring everything from dipping valleys to cool, clear lakes that add a drop of dazzling blue to otherwise green, hilly landscapes. There are pleasant walks like the Ordino route that takes you by the quaint little village as well as more challenging treks that have you climbing near the peaks of La Massana.

Plenty of downtime, too

All that skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing are bound to tire the family out at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around, bored, either. For the adults, some of the oldest and most gorgeously designed Iberian-style cathedrals are nestled between the mountains. Everyone is likely to enjoy the city of Andorra la Vella. Looking at it from afar and visiting some of the most famous landmarks like La Casa De La Vall make it look like an isolated medieval village, but it boasts some of the best shopping experiences in all of Europe. Brands of the highest quality are for sale at their cheapest thanks to the lack of any shopping taxes.

child skiing

It’s not the best-known of the ski holiday destinations, but it might be one of the best. Landscapes to rival anywhere in the world, great instructors, gentle slopes, and a lot to do when you’re done skiing launch Andorra right up there in the top family destinations.