Bringing Baby Home

The Fun Side Of Planning: Bringing Baby Home

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy; they’re going turn your life upside-down, in a good (and exhausting) way. You’ll probably have gone through all the worry and the list making in your mind, and will have a good idea of what to expect regarding sleeping, washing, and feeding your baby. However, there’s an enjoyable (panic-free) side to bringing home your first child, that you and your partner can get stuck into.

Planning, preparing, and investing in certain things will take your mind off the labour, and you’ll have some light-hearted things to focus on before you give birth. The following are some tips and ideas for those who need a little mindful relief because their due date is imminent.

Organising Their Nursery

Decorating a nursery can be so much fun; you’ll be able to reflect your personal tastes and ideas through the colours and items that you choose to introduce into the room. Whether you know the baby’s sex or not, you can begin decorating the room to suit both a boy and a girl; we opted for a grey, yellow and white colour scheme. Not that it has ever been used for more than an hour at a time!

rlt in striped bedroom

Stripes and polka dots in neutral and monochrome tones are a great choice for walls and soft furnishings, like seat cushions and the curtains or blinds in a nursery. Keep things subtle and delicate for a chic, modern feel; this will allow you to add an array of trinkets, toys, and books as the baby grows older, in a stylish manner. Neutral and light tone will also last your little one until their into primary school age (and beyond), and they won’t date or look tired. Add some white or black shelving to the wall, so you can pop your baby’s first booties on there and display an array of precious, sentimental items.

Artwork and family photographs are elements that will add personality, character, and charm to a nursery; you’ll be the one looking at them most for a couple of years, so choose things that you love and not just because they’re baby-related. Start collating your favourite childhood books; it’s a magical experience watching your little one enjoy the same tales as you did as a tot. You can display all the paper and hardbacks on a bookshelf so that the cover illustrations can be seen and they’ll add more of a design element to the room.

Make the nursery interior as sumptuous and soft as possible; use cushions, blankets (obviously we opted for Orla Kiely cot bedding), and a rug so that you enjoy feeding and changing you little one in the space and it’s the perfect location for your baby to relax and drift off to sleep. Decorative and musical mobiles, soft night lights, and blackout blinds will all contribute to getting your baby to sleep through the night. Ewan the dream sheep is also a big help! 

Planning Time Together

Aside from changing nappies; you’re going to have so much quality time with your new baby, you may as well start getting excited about what you’re going to get up to. Once you’ve checked out a maternity and paternity leave guide and figured out when, or if, you’re returning to work; you’ll be able to plan out the months with your baby. You’re allowed to be excited about meeting up with friends, and fellow parents, for a coffee and lunch, so that you can discuss the trials of being a parent together. Plan a baby-friendly getaway with loved-ones or with just your partner; again, it’ll be something that you can look forward to experiencing as a new family for the first time.

Obviously, the whole extended family are going to want to see your new bundle as much as possible, and you should embrace this. Ask the future grandparents, aunties, and uncles, how they feel about child care and if you can arrange a regular slot (that’s what they’re there for right?). Ensure that you get a date night with your partner as often as possible, or even a date day; you can look into things you can do together once the baby arrives and someone is happy to take them off your hands for a little bit.

Start checking out all the baby and toddler-friendly pubs, restaurants, and places of interest so that you can experience interesting fresh destinations together as a family. You can visit all your usual adult-only jaunts when granny is looking after the little one. Having a list of things and places in mind before you have the baby will add another bit of excitement to the new arrival, and they’ll help you embrace parenthood and a new lease of life.

Celebrating Their Arrival

You might already have a naming ceremony or a christening in mind; so why not start planning it now before you’re dealing with sleepless nights and a constant feeding routine. Get your guest list sorted and have a date in mind to gauge when everyone will be free; this is a great way to get the family on board with the celebration, and you can always encourage people to bake and help decorate the venue. If you’re planning a get-together at a specific location; early preparation will allow you to book it in advance which will give you peace of mind that you’re celebrating somewhere you love.

When it comes to planning for your new arrival; there’s only so much you can do, as parenthood is full of unexpected surprises. However, worry and stress are a waste of valuable time and energy, so shift your focus towards something enjoyable and fun, and leave the worry until your new baby is here (and won’t give you a moment to sleep).