5 Reasons to visit Wales

While the world may have some very beautiful spots, there’s nothing quite like the UK. And among these gorgeous isles, there’s a little slice of heaven that can be found all across Wales. It may not be everyone’s first choice when looking to discover Britain, but it has so much to offer. Whether you like to explore cities, coastline, or the country, Wales has it all. And because the UK has such a range of different cultures to see, you have to experience a bit of what the Welsh can offer you whenever you can. Packed with history and such stunning sites, here’s why you should definitely head to Wales.


When you plan to spend some time in Wales, you have to ensure that you cover off a full range of areas. And while some of the stunning Welsh cities that you can visit won’t feel all that different to some of the rest of the UK’s vibrant hot spots, they should do in time. Take Cardiff. It may be a port city spanning a stunning coastline, but the city centre of Cardiff is a cosmopolitan city. Full of striking architecture, an incredible arts scene, it’s the country’s capital for a reason.


But a huge portion of what makes Wales incredibly beautiful is the stunning coastline. And yes, the rest of Britain comes with an impressive coastline, but the air always feels different in Wales. The coastline here is completely charming. While you’ll find plenty of places to stay in Swansea and Newport, you should definitely try to spend as much time out on the shores as possible. That way, you’ll be sure to make the most of the coast.


The third ways that you should try to see Wales is through the countryside’s eyes. And for this, you’re going to want to Stay in Snowdonia. To the Northwest of the country, you’re going to be able to enjoy the stunning mountainous and glacial region of the Snowdonia National Park. Boasting some of Britain’s best views, including over the Irish seas, you have to ride the Snowdon Mountain Railway right to the top to enjoy them in the best way.


Whether you choose to visit a city, the coast, the countryside, or all three, you’re going to want to ensure that you enjoy a great dose of Welsh culture while you’re there. With their own language and customs, you have to get stuck in. If you really want to see what the nation is like, be sure to visit around the St. David’s Day festivities in March for the best impression of it all.


And finally, when you’re in Wales, you’re going to want to take in some of the country’s vast history. With some monuments dating back to the Roman times, you’re definitely in for a treat. The welsh castles and heritage sites will definitely keep you busy for the duration of your stay. Here, the walks, castles, and historical attractions are some of the finest that the British shores have to offer, so be sure to take it all in before you leave.