How to be the best godparent ever

Aside from winning on a scratch card or finding out you beat your work rival to a promotion, being asked to be a godparent is one of the most amazing moments you can ever be involved in. Think about it. You have been asked to play an active role in guiding your friend’s child through their life; you have been asked to be a role model to their baby; you have been given the ultimate responsibility as a friend. How can you not be elated and shrouded in euphoria? What an honour and privilege.

However, when the dust settles, all that joy and glee and wonder tend to fade away slightly and the mists of anxiety, panic and responsibility start to float your way. You haven’t the foggiest about children and, in your eyes, you are the polar opposite of a responsible adult. Just take last weekend for example, when you woke up next to an empty bottle of wine and had a slice of pepperoni stuck to your face.

However, despite all the nerves, you are determined to be the best Godparent ever, and here is how you can fulfil that goal.

Be The Unprecedentedly Fun Uncle/Aunt

Being a parent is tiring. It is full on. And rest is required. That is where you can swoop in by being the totally indulgent and doting fun godparent your child is going to get super excited about seeing. That doesn’t mean just buying them stuff they don’t need and filling their bellies with ice cream before waving goodbye and mouth, “good luck” to their parents. It means bonding with them. It means getting stuck into the things they are interested in and giving them your undivided attention. Fun is the secret entrance to a kid’s heart.


Never Forget The Big (And Small) Occasions

From the moment you were asked to be their godparent, you have a duty to remember all the big dates and know about all their little accomplishments. It starts with buying them some Saffron Bells luxury christening gifts and it continues on forever. Birthdays presents and cards, Easter eggs, Christmas gifts and all of that is mandatory. But what will make you the greatest is if you phone them up to congratulate them on winning their first swimming race, or becoming the class president, or getting into the rock climbing school? You could send them a little present when they first manage to roll over as a baby or it could even be that you buy them dinner because they managed to go an entire term without getting suspended. Whatever it is, the more involved you are the more you will be revered as a godparent.


Forget The Distance; You Need To Stay Connected

We live in a world where technology has completely toppled distance. FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat, Google Chat and whatever else the kids are using that we don’t know about. You can’t let distance be a factor. You need to stay connected. If you are really serious about being awesome, then why not create a schedule for when you call them and think ahead; send them a colouring book and have the same one with you and then colour as you chat away. When you are done you can compare your pictures. However you want to be connected is up to you, but make sure you devote some of your time to them; it will mean the world if you do.