Nesting Nicely | Pulling Together The Perfect Nursery

When you find yourself in the final stage of pregnancy, you know you’re going to start to nest. Whether you’ve been pregnant before, or you’ve read about the nesting process as a part of your pregnancy journey, you’re probably looking forwards to getting your home together ready to bring home baby. Although there’s a lot that you might like to work through as a part of your nesting process, creating the nursery is often one of the most exciting parts of all. So here are a few tips on how you could approach pulling the perfect nursery together.

Select The Space

The first part of this is going to be choosing the right space for your nursery. If you’re a seasoned mama, you may already have a designated room for this. Or if you’re limited in space, there may be only one room available. If not, you’re going to have to choose the right room for your baby to come home to. Of course, at first, they’re going to be in with you. But you still want to choose a suitable spot to dress up for when they’re ready to go into their own room; ideally not too far from your own. We created our nursery before the baby was born, but after sleeping in our room for the first nine months, he found it difficult to leave – so we ended up swapping rooms – so from experience,  it definitely isn’t the end of the world if you don’t do this too far in advance! 

rlt in striped bedroom

Decide On A Theme

With the room all picked out, your next step is to decide on the kind of look you want to go for. There’s so much inspiration for nursery themes online that you should be able to feel excited about what you’re going for. If anything, you may be torn between too much choice. But before you get ahead of yourself with paint colors and fabrics, you need to know what theme you’re working with. We went with stripes.

Then A Color Palette

After you’ve firmly decided on a theme, you’re then going to want to pull together the color palette that you plan to use. Sometimes, you may want to work with one color in a range of different shades, or you may want to work with a few different colors to create one key look. Either way, you need to decide before you buy anything, or even paint the walls or install the flooring. Then, you can get to work on the two latter points.

Dress Away

When the walls are painted or papered, and you’ve got your flooring choice installed, you then need to think about dressing the room with the right furniture and decorative pieces. And that’s often the best bit. You need blankets and wraps, like those by Kippins, as well as soft furnishings. Furniture wise, not only will you need a crib and storage, but you may also want a changing station too.

Install Important Tech

The last thing that you’re going to need to install is the technology that can make your life as a mum easier. Alongside the baby monitor of your choice, you may also want some cool baby tech too. From breast pumps to smart home hubs, you should be able to have as much fun with the tech as you do the decor to create the perfect nursery for your new arrival.