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Mums and Music is back after a little break…
As many of us don’t have the time to be going out disco dancing much anymore, this series is to give us mums the opportunity to reminisce about songs we may have forgotten, have a laugh at what we used to think was cool and take some time out to listen to something other than cbeebies theme tunes! This week I am very pleased to welcome Nicola from MummytoDex. Nic is my not so northern twin, so I can’t wait to hear her music choices! Over to Nic!

A little bit about Nicola

Hello! I’m Nicola, I’m 31 years old and blog over at I am Mummy to 15 month old Dexter James and wife to Neil. We live in Liverpool on the UNESCO world heritage waterfront and I work full time as a branch manager. Music took a bit of a backseat in my life while I was on maternity leave but I am back listening to at least two hours a day now on my commute into work. I am totally into the classics- Beatles, Queen and Elton John to name a few of my oldie faves but I also love me a bit of indie-pop-folk too and ten years ago I would have listed my favourite bands as Two Door Cinema Club, Van She, Empire of the Sun and Real Estate. These days I am more likely listening to Heart or Magic and when I logged onto Youtube the other day, felt a little bit concerned that I did not recognise the name of one band with a current tune in the charts. Eek! I guess that is what happens when you get old.



A Song From Nicola’s Childhood

Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There.

My childhood was quite lonely at times being an only child and I spent a lot of time listening to music in my room. Before I was a teenager, I only had a tape player (attached to a record player no less!) and I loved buying the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ tapes to listen to a wide range of pop music. I was a huge Spice Girls fan (what girl wasn’t in the 90’s?) and loved rewinding this particular song over and over. I used to love buying Top of the Pops and Smash Hits magazines and it was Top of the Pops mag that came up with the nicknames for the Spice Girls. It was for my 12th or 13th birthday that I got a CD player and I remember buying Viva Forever on CD. You could put it in your PC and watch the video to the song, it was revolutionary at the time!

A Song that makes Nicola happy

ABC – All of my Heart.

This isn’t a particularly upbeat song but I love it and it makes me really happy. On my long commute to work I listen to Radio City 2 which plays music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and when this comes on I turn it right up and sing along with glee. 80s music is a little bit before my time, but is probably my favourite decade for music.Just putting it out there now, I love Wham!

A song that psyches Nicola up

Phoenix – Consolation Prizes.

I became a massive Phoenix fan after spending a year in France as part of my degree. This is my favourite track of theirs and I have it set as my alarm to get every day off to a good start.

A song that makes Nicola sad

M83- Too Late. This is one of the songs that I used to like listening to when I was in my mid twenties, single and sad. I was introduced to M83 by a friend when I was travelling around the US in 2008 and was super happy to hear it featured on Gossip Girl during an episode of Season 5, even more so that it related to the love story of Blair and Chuck!

Nicola’s favourite song from a film

This is the best scene of all time in any movie ever! I loved the movie 500 Days of Summer and seeing little Joseph Gordon Levitt so happy that he got with Summer just brings a smile to my face. My husband and I loved this song so much we had our first dance to it at our wedding. It’s was a bit too upbeat for the DJ to understand why we would want this as a first dance song and he insisted we had a slow Take That song play first as an into. Idiot.

Nicola’s favourite theme tune from a tv series

RJD2 – A Beautiful Mine.

Mad Men has to be the greatest show to ever grace our television screens. So beautifully written, so understated and yet so clever; I really miss it. I think I will watch it from the start again one day. Also what is not to love about Jon Hamm?! Swoon!

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