Teaching Culture to Kids

Learning about culture is important. The world is becoming increasingly diverse, so understanding others perspectives is a great quality to have- it can also teach you a lot about yourself too. Learning about others cultures shows us the differences, as well as the similarities in the human race. Teaching kids at an early age helps to raise open minded individuals that are not biased or ignorant towards other races, cultures and religions. Here are some of the ways you can teach kids about culture.


Travel is a fantastic way for adults and children alike to learn about a new culture. This isn’t just going on vacation and staying in a hotel and lying on the beach for a week. It’s exploring the area, chatting to the locals, taken the less trodden path and immersing yourself in the country. There’s nothing like learning about a culture than experiencing it yourself- the sights, the sounds, submerging yourself in it. Find some interesting places to visit, book some tours, research the area and take your children to see these fascinating sites with their own eyes. Schools often run a cultural trip or two each year so allowing your child to attend could be beneficial for them, or you could pack your bags and go backpacking with them (my personal favourite choice!)


Galleries and Museums

Galleries and museums are usually free to enter so make for a good budget day out, and are a different way to teach kids about history and culture. Lots have interactive and fun exhibits which are designed to grab children’s attention while teaching them something new. As well as teaching about history, museums and galleries can give a lot of information about different cultures and how people from different time periods lived.



Cooking is a great way to teach kids about another culture, since food is at the heart of many cultures. Teach them the different herbs and spices that go into each kind of cuisine, let them taste different dishes from around the world and explain why those particular ingredients are used. You could explain how the ingredients are grown and are available locally in the region the dish is from. Teaching kids to cook also develops lots of skills, and gives them a love and appreciation of good home cooked food.


writing to penpak

Get a Pen Pal

Speaking to a child from another country is a great way for children to learn about another culture. They get to ask questions and discover all kinds of interesting things in a way that’s fun and exciting. In this day of instant communication, old fashioned methods like post are novel and getting a letter in the mail is something that children will love. It’s a far more interactive way of learning compared with reading text books. There are lots of sites online where you can get a pen pal for your child so if you want them to learn about a new culture then this is a good way to go about it.

How have you taught culture to your children? How important do you think this is?