Kalma Hub | Baby and Children’s activity Centre | Newton Aycliffe

I’ve previously mentioned that E absolutely loves baby yoga and fortunately there is a Kalma Baby franchise in our area. We’ve been doing yoga for around a year now and he loves it. I’m extremely thankful that my mum has agreed to continue taking him when I go back to work so that he doesn’t miss out.

My mum has taken all of her grandchildren to the same playgroup on a Thursday morning, but unfortunately, the people running it decided to stop in July, so she’s been looking for something else and the other playgroup attendees to go to. As if by fate, Lucy who runs baby yoga decided to open up Kalma Hub as a base to deliver her yoga sessions as well as use her skills as a teacher to provide a wider programme of sessions for baby and children in Newton Aycliffe, as there is very little around.

boys sat playing at kalma hub playgroup with cars


Since October 2019 playgroups, twinkle time and the kalma baby yoga have been available in the very child-friendly setting. The toys are all brand new, the facilities are surrounded by parking and the programme of events is constantly evolving thanks to Lucy listening to where demand is from parents – I think there will be baby massage offered soon and the ability to use the space for cost-effective birthday parties too. I’m so grateful that this space is available to parents in Newton Aycliffe, Sedgefield and Darlington areas when they really need it. I definitely could have done with somewhere like this back in 2016 during my first maternity leave!

I know this sounds like an ad, but it’s not! I’m just super pleased that there is something like this available on the doorstep and wanted any parents searching google to know about it.