60 weeks of microfashion

60 weeks of microfashion

RLT was officially 60 weeks old this week! Time is going so fast! I last blogged about what he is wearing at thirty weeks, so an update is long overdue! From looking back at how many designer clothes he had in the first thirty weeks, I can definitely say that now he has active and eating on his own, I have started shopping a little more in supermarkets and high street for items for his wardrobe. However, he has a few key items which I just couldn’t resist which I’ve paid a little more for. Here are some key pieces from little man’s wardrobe over the past thirty weeks since the last update:

Joules Milford Jacket

This is an old favourite of ours – we’ve simply bought in the next size up! John Lewis had a Joules promotion on and I simply couldn’t resist as it has been an ideal coat for our unpredictable weather. So thrilled that this will come in handy until he is 18 months old.

joules milford jacket


Joules Dale Striped Hoodie

I confess that I saw this on a little boy at the play gym and thought he looked smart – so ordered it online. I find the quality of Joules baby clothes is fantastic and is definitely my go-to brand for outerwear.



Not my preference! But he does seem to be very comfortable and be able to move around freely in the sportswear that his Dad and Grandad have purchased for him over the past few months. Daddy bought him an England rugby kit, which being white is highly impractical for someone so small! Grandad opted for a Barcelona kit, which has Messi written on the back, which is ironic as that is exactly what he is!



I’ve been very impressed with H&M children’s wear and have found some very nice casual clothes in there. There seems to have been a sale on for quite a while now and I picked up 7 items including four jumpers for £23. I particularly like the navy american football style shirt pictured below and the stripey t-shirts they do. I’m not one for saying my child can’t wear pink because he is a boy, so it has been nice to get some pink in his wardrobe by mixing it with a navy stripe.



I am still astounded by the quality of the children’s clothing in Next having NEVER found anything which fits my style in there. I literally cannot remember ever buying an item of clothing from there until I had a child. Their rompers are fantastic, we picked up some lovely ones for holidays which were simple but good quality. We bought a blue trilby too, but sadly he decided very early on that it was never going to get on his head for more than 10 seconds. Next’s range of ‘superhero’ clothing is quite vast – not a massive fan myself, but my nephew loves it when him and RLT dress the same, so on the odd occasion I have been known to buy them a batman t-shirt as all of the boys at playgroup dress as superheroes!

We also now have the inclusion of footwear to the microfashion mix. As RLT has only just started walking, we are still sticking with the Clarks first shoe collection, first we had Doodles and now we have some Tiny Aspire ones too, which are a bit harder sole.

Check back in another thirty weeks for more!