A few pics from week 21! 

Illness has struck this week, but hasn’t stopped the little man’s personality coming in to it’s own. He loves to laugh <3

RLT is really starting to show his little personality and what he likes and doesn’t like; it is a really exciting stage. Seeing his face when his dad walks into a room is absolutely magical for me, his whole face lights up and only this morning he started to gesture very excitedly with his arms and smile when he realised his dad was in the house; up until now something he had reserved for the cat!
This weekend has provided a great bonding time for the boys, walks, lego exhibition, no need to be anywhere such as Waterbabies and first outing in his Ergobaby original baby carrier.

Just casually sitting with mummy having bantz.

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me and rlt in sainsbyrts

Living the rock n roll lifestyle as we do and hitting up Sainsburys in our new Ergobaby carrier