Blogtober | About Me

I’m Nicola, I am 34, from the mighty fine County of Durham.

I’m a recovering travelling fanatic (mostly Asia), moral crusader (I don’t eat pigs because I like them) and an avid fan of all things Orla Kiely. In fact, my cat is called Orla Kitty!

I am Mum to RLT, who was born June 2016. When I’m not being a mum I work in a place of education in the business support section.  My partner, Mark, runs newspaper websites. We’ve been together since 2013 – we met a week before I turned 30!

I am aunt to Millie (6) and Teddie (3) and I have one brother who is 15 months younger than me. My parents have recently separated after 34 years of marriage, which is pretty bloody sad and hard to deal with regardless of your age.

I cut all of my hair off when I was seven – it was so uneven that I had to have a grade 1 all over to even it out – quite the talking point as a girl when you have just started a new school! Messing with my hair is something that has stayed with me at times of anxiety – which as I have got older is something that has become quite pronounced.