Blogtober | Education

My life is surrounded by education – I work in a college!

Education really is one of the best things we can get in life and I really wish I had better advice and guidance when I was younger, as I probably wouldn’t have made the same decisions as I did.

Decision error number 1 – Picking A-Levels

I’m not great at exams, I find it difficult to focus enough to retain the information – I definitely should have taken a vocational route. At the time, they were seen as qualifications for the stupid – GNVQ students being regarded to be studying for qualifications which would give them a qual which stands for ‘Generally Not Very Qualified’ and it is incredibly sad.

I struggled with A-Levels so much. My grades were rubbish, this will stay with me on my CV for life and these grades made university entry incredibly difficult.


Decision error number 2 – Following a boy to university

I studied in Leeds. My grades were rubbish, I didn’t get in to my firm choice and I withdrew from my insurance so that I could enter into clearing faster to get to the pub. I would have studied anything, but it had to be in Leeds. I applied for university when I my boyfriend at the time was at university in Leeds studying mechanical engineering. We were blissfully happy, until he got to university and started seeing his housemate behind my back. By the time I found out, I’d applied for university – I’d explored the city and made friends with people going there. I ended up dropping out of my clearing option, not surprisingly and changed university the year after. A much better decision for me, but I still didn’t apply myself enough. I wish I had listened more, gone to more workshops and been a little bit more studious.