I started to think that if RLT looked through images of his childhood, that there would be very few of us together. Therefore, I have had to request that my OH capture some moments when we’re together.

Looking after a baby on your own for most of the day means that you get a phone gallery full of selfies with the baby or pictures of other people and the baby!

rlt selfie

As you can see, our selfie attempts certainly are interesting, but I want the lovely candid shots capturing the moments I want to remember, not the moments where once again poor babs has me sticking a phone in his face!

I mentioned this to my other half as I was getting pictures printed through Boots Photo Service (thanks to their fab discount vouchers through the Boots Parenting Club and did not have one of me and RLT but thousands of him with everyone else!

My other half has an eye for composition, he is a brilliant photographer thanks to his training as a film-maker, but these skills sadly are under-utilised. He always tells me that it is important to capture the light in the subjects’ eyes, which apparently is something I constantly fail to do!

Family selfie attempt – oh dear. More work needed there!

Finally, on week 22 of RLT being in the world, my request for a pic to be taken of me and babs was met with a positive response and being the great photographer my other half is, got something that I was extremely happy with. I hope it is the first of many moments captured of me and my little man. OK, my roots are terrible… so it has been changed to black and white! But looking back now RLT will know I was there when he was a baby, rather than looking at these pics of him with everyone else and thinking he was raised by a tribe!

capture the moment - me and rlt

RLT and me!