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Back to work

The back to work countdown is on. My heart is torn in two. I never thought I’d find it so hard. When I said I was taking six months off work, people laughed. ‘You’ll be off for longer, all of your priorities will change once the baby is here’, they said. I didn’t know what

RLT at seven months

It feels as though he has always been here, but it also feels like no time at all. How is that possible? RLT is seven months old. We’ve been so lucky to have such a calm, smiley, happy little baby that the chances of us doing this again are slim to none. We’d never get

Mummy friends

The #mblogchat topic this week was mummy friends. I have always felt I could participate in some way to this chat on a Sunday night, this week I felt like a child sat on the sidelines watching all of the other kids playing. I’ve always been a loner, I have a group of friends that

Messy Play at Home

As the local Artventurers women is yet to get back to me I have decided to do messy play at home until I can find an alternative. I know my mum has done a few messy play at home sessions with my niece and nephew, due to the lack of availability in groups where we

Twenty wishes for 2017

2017 has a lot to live up to as 2016 was so good to me! However, it was absolutely manic; moving house, changes to job, having a baby, learning not to interfere at work whilst I’m on maternity leave and turning my frown upside down; all have left me a bit frazzled! Thank you to

New Years Resolutions

We are not even 12 hours in to 2017 and I have woken up with the most awful sense of dread!  It is the 1st January, which means it is exactly two months until I leave RLT to return to work. Instead of being grateful for this extended time ( I had originally planned to

RLT’s First Christmas

So, RLT’s first Christmas has been and gone! As usual I got massively anxious about everything, such as having people dig at my parenting methods, RLT getting overwhelmed and out of his routine, the state of the house and the cat feeling left out. Turns out, it wasn’t all that bad (with exception of the

Baby Yoga Review

At six months old, RLT has done three terms of baby yoga! Not bad, ey? Not your every day baby activity, so here is our review! Firstly, baby yoga classes in the UK, are nothing like the extreme videos that you may have been of a woman in Egypt throwing babies around! OMG, I couldn’t

Note to self – me six months ago

Note to self – to me six months ago, knowing what I know now. I’ve decided to write a post to myself six months ago, to get down the things I’ve learned and to encapsulate what a journey the past six months have been! Hi Crabstix So your little boy is due about now, these

The Christmas Tag

Thank you to the second best Nicola I know 🙂 for the tag (she’s at Mummy to Dex, I recommend you have a look at the supermum she is, mixing up a storm in the kitchen with this baby led weaning malarky). Reading her post this morning got me sooooo Christmassy that I went out

rocking motherhood title

The RockingMotherhood Tag

Thank you to the lovely Nicola at Mummytodex for sharing the # RockingMotherhood tag with me. I have decided to take part as Nic is so kind as to have sent me a few things now and I’m a bit scared she’s going to stop if I don’t stop being lazy! . I have listed the