Daisy Street Play Spennymoor

Having two children at very different stages, aged one and three, I struggle to find places in County Durham that are suitable for them both, especially on a rainy day. So I took to facebook to ask for recommendations and decided to give Daisy Street Play Spennymoor a try, based on the recommendations of a mum with two children of similar age to mine. I was reluctant at first because the website images looked unappealing (the website has since been updated and is much more appealing), which I shared on the facebook discussion, but the mum reassured me that it really was worth going along. I wasn’t disappointed.

Daisy Street Play is situated on an industrial park, just outside Spennymoor near what is now called Durham Gate, but what oldies like me know as the old Black and Decker factory area. It is tucked inside an archway just off the main road in Enterprise City and there is a generous car park thanks to it’s setting.

baby at baby area at daisy street play spennymoor

Under 6 months are free and between 6-12 months are £1.50 and £2.95 for our three-year-old, and we were able to play for around five hours if we wanted to, which is fabulous value for money. The staff were nice and engaging, one lady even keeping a lookout for families leaving so that we could secure a table, which I thought was really kind of her. The decor is lovely, the seating is comfortable and you are able to keep an eye on your children while you grab a cup of something or even a cake, thanks to the room being completely open plan. I even thought it would be ideal to take the children on my own; as I would be able to see them both, even if they darted off into different directions – I get major anxiety about taking the boys out on my own, so this was a big plus for me.

baby using baby area of daisy street play spennymoor

The room has a dedicated play area that has well-looked after toys for little ones and a beautiful tipi area and a selection of books available. There is also a self-contained ball-pit that has a super-fast slide built on top of it, along with a mini climbing wall to get to it for the more adventurous and older children. Make sure you’re waiting at the bottom as the slide is fast!

little boy coming down slide daisy street play

There is a lovely drawing area with a selection of stencils, pencils and crayons available and a roll of drawing paper, so children aren’t limited by size. There is also a wall covered in blackboard paint and chalk available, which pleased our buddying Banksy.

toddler walking up climbing wall daisy street play spennymoor

There was also a further area with lots of figures and buildings for imaginative play. It was all contained by a little fence, so no worries about little ones wandering. I was thoroughly impressed and would urge any parents in the area to try it themselves. We were big fans of Little Land Play in Peterlee, which sadly recently closed and this is the best alternative we have found locally.