First Birthday Gift Ideas

We are struggling for first birthday gift ideas! When your child seems to collect yellow plastic as a hobby it can be quite hard to find things he needs for his first birthday. We are a week away from the big day and we still have bought nothing (with exception of Dad buying him his first British Lions kit!)

Here are a few things that we are currently thinking about buying, ideas and thoughts would be appreciated!

A Wooden Playhouse

Our garden is full of gravel, rockeries and plants – not exactly child-friendly. The cat actually has a house in the wooden house in the garden, so it feels a bit mean that RLT doesn’t have ownership over anything. The garden is my OH’s pride and joy, so it has to be something that keeps with his aesthetic. He suggested this BillyOH Bunny Max Playhouse (pictured above), this is the top contender at the moment. But at aged one, will the little man appreciate it? Maybe not.


Musical Instruments

As much as a little one can display a like for things, he seems to like music; whether that be singing songs, tv or shaking maracas, he likes it all. Therefore we were thinking of something musical – my brother may buy him a drum kit as revenge for all of the noisy toys I have bought his kids in the past.


Anything Elmo

He adores Elmo, which is largely my doing with saying ‘OH HIIIIIIIII’ in a very high pitched voice and playing ‘Elmo’s Song’ over and over again on youtube. What can I say? I love the little red fella! My niece and nephew were also subjected to this and love him also as a consequence. When my niece was small, I bought her a Let’s Rock Elmo, which I would love to get RLT, but unfortunately, it is now a ridiculous price and can’t seem to find anything in stores except a cuddly version of Elmo. We already got one of these from H&M, so I’m running out of Elmo-related ideas! I know it would be a winner if I could find a noisy Elmo toy!


First tool kit

RLT got some tools from my nephew, which he loves… but he wanders around with a single spanner as there wasn’t a full set! He sure does love that spanner, so we were thinking about buying him a tool kit, belt or a workshop. There is one at his playgroup, which is a VTECH Handy Hands Workbench and he absolutely loves it, but unfortunately, VTECH no longer manufactures it and told me to check Amazon or eBay for second-hand ones. The only one I could find was collection only from far far away! BOOOOOO.

What did you buy for your baby’s first birthday? I’d be interested to know for ideas!