Went to see the foals last wednesday and OMG I have never felt so old and past it in my life and I work with people a lot younger than me!

Didn’t get off to the best start by going in to the city just as a football match was starting, boyf driving around for 50 minutes looking for a parking space, me not knowing my left and rights (thought he was going to kill me at one point for this), lots of posh little student raaa faces in the forth which were annoying then thousands of kids at the bar who couldn’t handle their shandies……..

So couldn’t really get anywhere near the stage as it was sold out, we got there just before foals came on, i was sober and I hate pissed people invading my personal space and I needed the toilet so bad on the drive up I spent all my energy on not peeing myself!

Ive seen the foals before – in 2010 in Newcastle Uni SU and it was a brilliant gig, despite finding out earlier in the day that I was at risk of redundancy. But something didn’t click with the set list for me this time. There were a lot of instrumentals, which you expect as the foals are a great guitar band, but something just seemed a little bit more electro about them this time. It wasn’t as sweaty, they have totally changed their emphasis on Holy Fire and the lead singer didn’t really give it his all as he did last time.

The lasers were impressive…. but this is again where being old came in as one laser segment I was stood thinking ’ I think DJ Sonique used these lasers when she did that “i wanna touch the sky i wanna fly sooo higgghhhh ooooooooo’ song. which is about 12 years old. which made me feel old as I was almost past my clubbing stage by then.

there were also lasers which were very much the same as the lasers they had at Gatecrasher in Sheffield… which takes me back 13 years.

So for me the foals tour had more of a holy shit theme to it than a holy fire…