Four month sleep regression

Four month sleep regression has hit us! After sleeping through 7.30-2am only waking for dummy to be put back in before going off again at 5.30am from around 10 weeks, we seem to have reverted back to needing 1 or 2 night feeds again.

sleep regression

He has a quiet sleep zone, a bedtime routine yet he no longer sleeps through

I’ve read so much on the subject, so understand that how he sleeps is changing but my concern is the sleep association that he has with feeding and when the time comes how to stop this association (i feel he’s too small at the moment).

I have seen a lot of advice to let babies cry and they will soon stop waking up – very sorry to anyone that has done this but I am just not prepared to try this.

At the moment I am going to feed him on demand during the night in the hope that his is something he grows out of. The clocks going back won’t have helped either!

Does anyone have any advice on what they did to crack the four month sleep regression?