RLT’s first Halloween saw his cousins come round to trick or treat.

Tried to dress him up as Pubert Addams but he was a wriggly little worm –  I saw another mum had done this more successfully than I, and she used hair chalk – will try again next year when he is a little less newborn and I am feeling a bit more confident about applying things to his skin/hair. He still managed to make it into The Hartlepool Mail’s Halloween readers roundup – which was great for the cat as it meant that she didn’t have to get dressed up this year – when your dad is the head of digital for a few daily newspapers, dressing up to lead campaigns is something you get used to!

I took a polaroid of RLT, M & T together to put in his memory box for his first halloween. By the time his cousins visited, he was dressed in his second outfit of the day – as little Frankenstein, a gift from my mum, which she picked up at the local Tesco.