Hartbeeps Darlington and Aycliffe is to offer a free online session 7th May 2020

As it is Maternal Mental Health Week I thought it was worth mentioning that Hartbeeps Darlington and Aycliffe is to offer a free online session to raise funds for the NHS, which is available to anyone looking after a child aged 0-5.

The session -will be Rainbow themed and aimed at parents and small children, who may not be able to access their support networks or are missing their social groups. Or like us, IN NEED OF SOME MAGIC SPRINKLES. What week of lockdown are we in now?! What day is it again?

It will run through the Hartbeeps Darlington and Aycliffe facebook page  on Thursday 7th May at 11am.

Ali Harrison, Hartbeeps Darlington and Aycliffe franchise owner knows very well what being a parent of young children can be like and how welcome a 20 minute change of routine can be, as she is currently on lockdown with George, aged 5 and Samuel, aged 2.

Ali said: “It’s a difficult time for everyone, and those with young children and new-born babies can feel particularly vulnerable and isolated without their support networks. We want to bring smiles, laughter, music and dancing into everyone’s homes and would love to raise money for the NHS at the same time.”

The 20-minute session includes classic children’s songs including ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and ‘Zoom to the Moon,’ as well as some of the most popular songs from Hartbeeps classes.

Hartbeeps, a national franchise of 100 groups has also set up a Justgiving page that will be available during the session for anyone who wishes to donate help the NHS.