In case I’m too tired to mention…..

Dear Boss Babies,

In case I’m too tired to mention or show in the next few months, I picked you the best Dada. The world is about to get a little crazy, I don’t know how our little unit is going to transition to being a family of four, but rest assured we will find our way and your Dada will be the backbone of this.

See, we’ve been here before two years ago, a little less experienced and a little less aware of how much love that we would feel for you boys. So the house may get a little messy, we will be tired, short-tempered with one another and Dada will probably hop off on his motorbike for some peace once in a while but we will get there and you will always come first.

In a Dada you will both have a ready-made best friend and cheerleader. He will never put pressure on you to be anything other than happy (and tidy) and that’s the best thing a Dad can do; as well as be there – which he will be, always. You will probably take this for granted because you won’t know any different and you know what? That is OK with us, because we don’t ever want you to know any different to that. Your only complaints should be that he works too hard and thinks too much to give you as many adventures as you desire.

baby and dad looking in lake at hardwick park sedgefield

I look forward to watching you all from the sidelines from your adventures together. Having two boys is not something we have any experience of in our immediate families, we will do our very best by you, that we do promise.

To paraphrase  Tim Templeton from RLT’s favourite, The Boss Baby….

Every morning when you wake up, I’ll be there/

Every night at dinner, I’ll be there.

On every birthday, every Christmas …

I’ll be there.

Year after year after year.

We grow together.

little boy watering garden with hose helped by dad