As the local Artventurers women is yet to get back to me I have decided to do messy play at home until I can find an alternative.

I know my mum has done a few messy play at home sessions with my niece and nephew, due to the lack of availability in groups where we live, so I decided to try it myself – easing both myself and RLT in.

So, in a babygrow that is only suitable for indoor wear – off we went!

Note: It is advised to have a sweeping brush or hoover handy for clean up!

messy play at home

What do you need?

To ease RLT in as he is not yet 7 months, I decided to use food as it wouldn’t then matter if he put things in his mouth.

We went for black eye beans that he could crush and mush, gluten free pasta and gluten free rice vermicelli (we had no spaghetti).

A babygrow/not their best clothes

Sweeping up materials

Baby wiping materials legs/face/hands – anywhere they can get food!

A high chair


Any preparation needed?

The beans, drained of juice, were good to go as they came from the can. The pasta and vermicelli needed cooking, just as you usually would, then I put them in a colander and poured filtered cold water over them. So there is approximately 9 minutes preparation time required.

What did he think?

At first he was very quiet, probably wondering what on earth was going on. He was running his left hand through everything on the tray, going side to side. After a few minutes he started picking things up and throwing them over the side of the high chair and laughing. As the minutes past he was picking things up with both hands, throwing it everywhere and chattering away like he was providing a running commentary on what he was doing!

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