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Welcome to my brand spanking new guest post series, Mums and Music! As many of us don’t have the time to be going out disco dancing much anymore, this series is to give us mums the opportunity to reminisce about songs we may have forgotten, have a laugh at what we used to think was cool and take some time out to listen to something other than cbeebies theme tunes! This week I am very pleased to welcome Claire from The Lazy Girl Blog. A bit of an expert in this field, so I have looked forward to sharing this with you all.

A little bit about Claire/LazyGirlUK

I’m a 35 year old UK Mum of two. I’ve blogged at The Lazy Girl UK since 2006, I’m a total music and social media nerd and for the last year I’ve been co-hosting an indie radio show- The Strictly Vinyl Show with Him And Her- every Sunday over on I’m a huge vinyl collector (before it was cool) and have a pretty varied taste in tunes.

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A Song From Claire’s Childhood

A Day In The Life – The Beatles

My Dad was so sick of me listening to crappy nineties pop when I was around 10 that he ran me off a tape of Sgt Peppers. I listened to it daily for the entire school holidays, learned all the words, and literally it made me start exploring old bands and music. I still like the odd cheesy pop tune but it far improved my musical taste from that point on!

Song That Makes Claire Happy

This is cheese I admit! Hey Mickey by Toni Basil

In my defence, I was at college in 1998/99, a time when a lot of Euro House dance music was around. My friends and I were indie/alternative kids, forced to share a common room and one stereo with these kids who loved really appalling techno and stuff which gave you headache! To get revenge, we used to put this on every morning, and sing and dance like loons to it. It makes me remember that young, silly time of dressing a bit strange and annoying the hip kids!

Song That Hypes Claire Up

Renegade Master by Wildchild (Fatboy Slim Remix)
I have 4 different versions of this tune on vinyl! Its got to be one of my fave dance tracks of all time, and Fatboy Slim is a legend (and I finally got to see him live at Camp Bestival in 2016). The first time I heard this version I was ironing for a night out. Had to put the iron down for safety as was forced to dance round the kitchen to it. Took me ages to track the right one down on vinyl but managed it.

Song That Makes Claire Sad

Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke

I have to own up that it was the Seal version of this song but I love Sam Cooke- Change Is Gonna Come. In 2008 my youngest was born at 28 weeks, and spent 4 months in Neonatal care. They didn’t have facilities for parent’s to stay every night so every day, I would travel for just under an hour by bus to be with him, and to pass the time I used to plug a radio into headphones on my phone. This was a big track on local radio as it had been redone by Seal. I still associate it with that time. Happily, my son is now a strapping near on 9 year old!

Claire’s favourite song from film

Don’t Rain on My Parade – Barbara Streisland

Its from my fave film and probably one of my fave actresses too, Barbra Streisand Don’t Rain on My Parade. My sadly no longer with us Nan introduced me to musicals, all the classics! Barbra though i just amazing, a great actress, a great singer and frankly a gorgeous lady too. I never miss Funny Girl and the, probably not quite as popular sequel Funny Lady too.

Claire’s favourite tv theme tune

Danger Mouse

OK, so this is by far the best TV theme tune ever- no contest! Kids TV today has nothing on my era! Its Dangermous, the opening and closing credits. It had explosions, a cute superhero mouse, a mate who was a bit of a drip (seriously, I can’t be the only one who thinks The Simpsons based the Milhouse/Bart friendship on these two?) and an evil baddie too! I am attempting to introduce my children to it as an excuse to watch it with them!

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