It feels as though he has always been here, but it also feels like no time at all. How is that possible? RLT is seven months old.

We’ve been so lucky to have such a calm, smiley, happy little baby that the chances of us doing this again are slim to none. We’d never get another baby quite like RLT.

It has definitely been the best seven months of my life. Even with the hormonal fluctuations, OH changing jobs and car accident – usually only one of those things would send me into a spiral of anxiety – but I’ve had a little dude who has kept me focused on what matters. It took me a while to me OK with just being me and not having work to define me, I even went in for a few weeks, but then I realised I would never get this time again. Things at work come up, they always do, people wouldn’t have jobs if places ran themselves, but RLT will never again be as young as he is today. It has been a joy. Even through the leaps, because we are learning together.

It got hard at around five and a half months when he wasn’t sleeping, teething and had a bunged up nose, but you just have to take every hour as it comes, tell yourself that it won’t last forever and you’re an hour closer to it finishing than you were before. Mindfulness training from the hypnobirthing at it’s finest there!

I only hope that we don’t let him down, I’ve never done this before – what if I smother him too much, or don’t show him enough affection? I need to keep reading. I’ve also started looking into deferring school for a year as he will start at four years and 3 months old – it is too young in my opinion. It has also got me thinking if because I started when I was four years and 2 months old if this is why I am not as socially well formed as my friends who were December babies? I know we have a lot of time to think about this, but I’d rather be armed with facts before it is too late and we get pressurised into doing what everyone else does!