One constant throughout my life is a love of music, the genres may change depending on my mood- but music soothes, uplifts and amplifies rage! Not many things can evoke so many different emotions. Here are some of the songs, which have meant something to me throughout my life. I invite my friends to share the same, if they feel that they would like to. I feel we learn about a person through their taste in music (mine is bonkers, so take from that what you will).

Stevie Wonder – I Just Called (To Say I Love You)

Apparently the chorus to this song were my first words. My Mum has stuck by this story for 33 years now, so I think it is true as well as being really cool!

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff

If I have had a bad day, this is the song I play! Listen you’ll see why it is perfect!

Kings of Leon – California Waiting

Not sure why, but I have always loved this song since the moment I heard the Youth and Young Manhood album when I was at uni. I remember visiting my friend at Sunderland Uni and loads of the guys had Caleb Followhill style hair – which made some of them look a bit like Lloyd Christmas. Obvs I went to uni in Leeds where everyone was wearing Wade Adeyemi and Adidas Taekwondo shoes, so this was a bit of a shock! Anyway, I digress, a beautiful song that I don’t have associated with any particular memory, it’s just a beautful song that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Side note: I detest anything KOL dated Because of the Times or later. Changed their style, which is a massive shame. I’m sure Caleb is crying on his Victoria Secret model wife as he reads this…

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

This is the best music video of all time. If mindfulness through music was a thing, then this would be my go-to video. It is so simple but this is the video I put on and get people dancing! Not even kidding, my cousin was the first, then my niece and now my partner and baby. We all get up and try to copy the dance. If Mark and I ever got married, this would have to be the first dance – no one would get why unless they’d read this! But it’s just so us!

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

I was so obsessed with this song when I was younger, because a boy I liked was. Then I listened to the words and it intrigued me as I wasn’t around in the hippy days, but I think it gives a glimpse into how mental LSD is!

The Horrors – Still Life

I went through a tough time, a few years back. I remember listening to this in my car and connecting with the lyrics. I also thought that this would have been the ideal song for the end scene in The OC. It’s just beautiful, totally didn’t expect it from Faris and the lads.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

This song reminds me of the excitement of getting to know Mark and us singing at the top of our voices in Idols in Hartlepool, which would become a regular occurrence in our early relationship! I do love an indie sing-song!

The Cranberries – Linger

Oh how I adored the No Need to Argue album when I was 11 years old.

If you had to pick seven songs which you loved at some point in your life, which would you pick? I’d like my friends to get involved! So I’d love to hear from:

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