Twenty wishes for 2017

2017 has a lot to live up to as 2016 was so good to me! However, it was absolutely manic; moving house, changes to job, having a baby, learning not to interfere at work whilst I’m on maternity leave and turning my frown upside down; all have left me a bit frazzled! Thank you to Kirsty at Winnettes for tagging me so that I sit down and work out my twenty wishes for 2017.

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Family wishes:

  1. That everyone stays healthy. In 2016 there were a few family health issues, including my Grandma getting pneumonia in August, so if everyone could stay healthy that would be super!
  2. That my brother and his wife manage to move house, as they have wanted to do this for so long now. For them to settle in to a happy family home would be grand.
  3. For Reuben to continue to be awesome.
  4. For our little family of four (including the cat, obvs) continue to be happy and have no money worries.
  5. For my other half to be able to work from home at least one day per week as I seriously couldn’t be bothered with his commute.

Personal wishes:

  1. I hope I cope with being back at work. I like what I do, it is the constant lack of support by academic staff and the attitude that they know better than me that gets me down. They say everyone is a marketing expert. I don’t have the time nor the personality to confront their comments, it really upsets me. A friend was giving NLP support, I get that anxious over what these people think of me. It shouldn’t matter, as I know I don’t look up from my desk, but it does.
  2. Lose some clem. I have a serious baba jelly belly and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t remotely tried to lose weight, but it is getting to the point where I have 3 chins, that’s always my trigger to do something.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do not get annoyed by things that I cannot control. My baby is the most important thing now.
  4. Try to be less negative. It is my go-to place, make this stop.
  5. Make the three days I have with RLT each week, count.

Blog wishes:

  1. Post stuff. I have around 60 drafts because I overcomplicate everything, which ends in me needing to turn on a laptop, which ends in me getting stressed because the rainbow wheel of doom is always there, therefore nothing ever gets done. You may have noticed my featured image style has changed for 2017, this is because Canva don’t make an android app so I’ve had to change to be able to do it from my phone in a bid to post stuff…
  2. Start a facebook page. I don’t want people I know in real life to know about this blog. I realised an ex collegue liked one of my comments in a blogger facebook group and I was mortified (largely because she hates me and the thought of her knowing stuff about me that she could use against me made me feel sick). The thought of people I know finding out personal stuff makes me a bit uneasy, but I know how crucial facebook is for blog traffic!
  3. Be more strategic in what I post. It started off as memories to share with RLT and now it seems to be more my diary and reviews of stuff!
  4. Start a revolution to outlaw the word VLOG. I can’t say it. Try and say it out loud, you sound daft.
  5. Stop relying on Nicola at Mummytodex for motivation to do stuff.

Hopes and wishes for the year

  1. I hope I cope OK with going back to work and get my work/life balance sorted.
  2. I hope that the older RLT gets, we go for lots of family trips. We are going to Amsterdam in March for the weekend, I’d much rather take him than leave him with my mum as a general rule.
  3. I wish that there are no major bumps in the road this year. Have you ever left that life is OK for the first time, you have nothing to worry about and therefore wonder when it is all going to go wrong? That’s where my head is right now.
  4. I hope that the house starts to clean itself and the cat learns how to load the dishwasher while I’m out, that would be a massive help.
  5. Most of all, I hope and wish that 2017 doesn’t see anyone I care about struggle and brings lots of happy times!

I tag (participation is not mandatory, obvs, as I’ve just landed this on you, I’d just want you in my girl gang if I had one 🙂 ):

Nicola  (although she may not do this as she has been thorough and done it month by month already!)



Harriet (she’s probably a bit busy!)