What to buy a six month old for Christmas

What do you buy a six month old for Christmas?  If someone asked them what you actually wanted for Christmas, it would probably be to FINALLY get that dummy in your own mouth, or your foot!

Having a June baby is great as you can split the wants and needs in six monthly intervals! So Christmas 2016, RLT will be six months and one week old, therefore we’re looking at what he needs/would like aged 6-12 months, until his birthday!

Here are a few things that we’ve put on his list!

  1. Fisher Price Dance and Move Beatbo – Ok this one may be for me as much as RLT. I think it is the greatest toy on the market! We love the Beatbo boogie, as do my two year old nephew and five year old niece!
  2. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn smart stages chair – this one probably could have waited until his birthday, as it is 12 months plus, but it was on the 3 for 2 offer at Argos, so couldn’t resist!
  3. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Car – This should keep him going for a while as it is suitable from 6 months until 18th months with the various stages. My two year old nephew has already had a go and he is a big fan too! So it even keeps the visitors happy!
  4. Fisher Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe – this just looked cute and most of RLT’s toys are the Fisher Price rainforest animals, so decided to keep it going!
  5. SmartTrike – As he will be 10 months old as the better weather as here, a smart trike was the ideal choice!

Extra things I’ve managed to get him that weren’t even on the list!

  1. Fisher Price Musical Lion Baby Walker – I managed to get this for ยฃ17.50, so it is a nice little extra present!
  2. Amazon pampers monthly subscription – cheers mum!

Something that we wanted to get #rlt, which we can’t find anywhere is an Elmo toy! He loves watching Elmo, as do his cousins and I bought them rock n roll elmo’s etc when they were young, but unfortunately I can’t find anything on sale! So he’s going to have to make do with the Elmo he already has from H&M.


RLT and his beloved Elmo from h&m