MMR – What are the options

I have been against the MMR vaccination since before I had a child. Now I have a nine-month-old, the time is fast approaching where he is going to get that appointment letter through the door and I am terrified. I wasn’t given some of my childhood vaccinations due to seizures when one of my parents had them, so I knew there may be options – I never quite knew how hard it would be to find out what they would be.

I told my health visitor I was not against immunising him from MMR entirely, just against the 3in1 vaccination which is used in this country – my reasons are hardly scientific, but I can’t shake the bad feeling I have about it based on summaries of research I’ve seen – even as recent as February regarding mercury and the link to autism. I’m not going to profess to reading all of the medical research, I haven’t.

I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe that Dr Andrew Wakefield’s research should be totally discredited. In my previous position, I met a lot of parents of autistic children, I was told on more than one occasion that their child – particularly boys – had no problems with communication until they had this vaccination. The feeling of generally being unwell after injections that babies stayed longer and they were never quite the same afterwards. I’m quite cynical, but had pharmaceutical companies that pay corporate tax too much to lose in revenue and in lawsuits if Dr Wakefield were to be correct? My mother has worked for the NHS specifically in their field of Autism for 30 years and she has done nothing to stifle my fears, however, she will not give me an opinion. Simply advising me to do what I feel is right for my family.

Which is the bigger risk, I need to ask myself, that or the possibility of developing measles, mumps or rubella?

I have been investigating single dose injections like I’ve previously said, I’m not against him being vaccinated – I’m just not convinced about the combined one. When conducting my research, I discovered JABS. Jabs is a support group for parents who believe their children have suffered severe harm or have died following childhood vaccinations and is probably the most useful site I have found. It is quite horrific how the NHS lead you to believe that immunisation is the law and you must do it their way. They have a helpful section on single injections and where they can be obtained. Within this section, they state

JABS believes that the MMR vaccine should be suspended and parents should have a right under the NHS system to request the single component vaccines.”

Just wow. From their site, I found that I can obtain the single measles vaccine privately, which also contains no mercury.  Unfortunately, there are no mumps and rubella single injections available in the UK – the injections do exist – but the company that is licenced to do so in the UK is not manufacturing it. I dispair…. so there are choices one way, but then they block you off at the other.

Has anyone successfully navigated their way through this minefield of wanting a choice for MMR?