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Is it worth getting a 4D scan

There aren’t many ‘firsts’ to experience after you’ve had one successful pregnancy, so to ensure that we had a special experience with baby number two, my partner booked a 4D scan as my birthday present as we never did this with #rlt. I’ve always thought 3D scans a little bit freaky, but I had a

Chin Up Mask Review

Chin Up Mask Review I was so super excited to try the Chin Up Mask as I love products like this. Why? Because I am 34, work full-time, have a 14-month-old child and I don’t have time to do anything about the effects of any of that! My appearance has been getting me down since

maclaren customer service review blog featured image

Maclaren Customer Service Review

MACLAREN CUSTOMER SERVICE I’ve had the most awful experience of trying to report faulty goods to Maclaren Customer Service that I felt compelled to write about my experience. Maclaren no longer will deal with customers or service centres over the phone, they will only work through digital platforms. No problem you’d think in this day-in-age,

iberostar malaga playa review featured image of pool

Iberostar Malaga Playa Review

IBEROSTAR MALAGA PLAYA REVIEW We were looking for a good quality all inclusive hotel for our baby’s first holiday abroad. Our criteria was that it had to be less than a three and a half hour flight and it had to be around a four-star rating. We selected the Iberostar Malaga Playa on this basis

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

If you love animals – Elephant Nature Park,  elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand is an absolute must. Ran by Lek Chailert – who has been named Asian Hero of the Year by Times Magazine, because of her amazing achievements and tenacity to educate on the hideous tourist trap of riding elephants. The park

Babease Baby

I don’t usually post a lot about food, I feel a bit inadequate as there are so many mums out there taking great pride in following baby-led weaning and coming up with great recipes, but that’s not me. I don’t enjoy cooking, but I enjoy good food and don’t have the patience or the organisational

Kielder Review

We chose Kielder as the destination for a winter break and the first holiday for RLT at aged five and a half months. Kielder Waterside is a development within Kielder Water and Forest and within the Leaplish Forest Park, which is also where the Winter Wonderland is based. We opted to go for 4 nights

rlt in nuna rebl

Nuna Rebl drama

So this week a german safety test put the Nuna Rebl through it’s paces at 40mph and the results were terrifying. The seat base just snapped! Uk safety tests are done at 30mph at which the Rebl is thought to be fine, which? Found out about the German safety test and indicated to readers that