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10 Free Kid Friendly Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a large and frenetic city that in many ways is geared toward shopping and business tourism, yet there are still tons of family friendly activities on offer.  Secondly, Kuala Lumpur can be quite an expensive place to visit which is often exacerbated when travelling as a family – so this quick guide


6 Reasons To Visit Indonesia Right Now

When you’re planning your next holiday you could go for a nice beach resort where you can relax in the sun and sip cocktails, but that’s a bit boring after you’ve done it a hundred times before. Beach holidays are great but one of the best things about traveling is experiencing new cultures that are

Teaching Culture to Kids

Learning about culture is important. The world is becoming increasingly diverse, so understanding others perspectives is a great quality to have- it can also teach you a lot about yourself too. Learning about others cultures shows us the differences, as well as the similarities in the human race. Teaching kids at an early age helps

5 Reasons to visit Wales

While the world may have some very beautiful spots, there’s nothing quite like the UK. And among these gorgeous isles, there’s a little slice of heaven that can be found all across Wales. It may not be everyone’s first choice when looking to discover Britain, but it has so much to offer. Whether you like

Reasons to visit Hong Kong

Next time you come to add a new holiday destination to your travel bucket list, consider making it Hong Kong. This beautiful, exotic region of China is not only one of the most beautiful and vibrant places on the planet, but it is home to some of the most exciting, interesting and memorable experiences too.

carnivals of the world featured image rio carnival lady

Carnivals of the world

We all love a good carnival, don’t we? The lights, the excitement, and the feeling of reckless abandon! Here in the UK, we don’t do badly. We’ve got Notting Hill Carnival under our belts, by far one of the best worldwide. But, for the real carnival lovers out there, local offerings may not be enough

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Iberostar Malaga Playa Review

IBEROSTAR MALAGA PLAYA REVIEW We were looking for a good quality all inclusive hotel for our baby’s first holiday abroad. Our criteria was that it had to be less than a three and a half hour flight and it had to be around a four-star rating. We selected the Iberostar Malaga Playa on this basis

Big Summer Adventures for Tiny Humans

With everyone eager to take time off during the summer, this is the best time for young minds to explore the world around them. While children can learn from a stimulating classroom environment, there is something to be said for freely interacting with their surroundings and learning from their own experience. Therefore, it’s up to

Educational Days out for Kids

EDUCATIONAL DAYS OUT FOR KIDS We all want our children to have a well-rounded education that will get them ready to go out into the world on their own. It’s not unusual for people to worry that school isn’t necessarily giving them that. There is a lot that they can learn at school, but some

Visiting Hong Kong

I’m keen to further explore Asia as a tourist destination in January with my little family. I’ve explored Tokyo for a few days, stayed in China for a month, visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand a few times now. So I am keen to go somewhere else, rather than do the same thing again, just with