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Welcome to my brand spanking new guest post series, Mums and Music! As many of us don’t have the time to be going out disco dancing much anymore, this series is to give us mums the opportunity to reminisce about songs we may have forgotten, have a laugh at what we used to think was cool and take some time out to listen to something other than cbeebies theme tunes! This week I am very pleased to support a brand spanking new blogger – Jen from Life-Milk. Jen is so new that her blog hasn’t even launched yet, so I am honoured that she has taken the time to guest post for me as she must be very busy preparing her own site. I’m so glad that she did… she’s got a Maxwell tune in there. Oh how I loved that fella during my college and uni years, it has taken me back and made me think about happy memories – exactly as I had intended for the series! Over to Jen!

A Little Bit about Jen

Hellooo, I am Jen over at Life-Milk, which is FINALLY launching on 1 st Oct, double yay! I am 28-year- old single mother, living in Croydon and currently working in corporate services for a council. I have an 8-year- old daughter called Kourtney and together we are two peas in our own little pod. I am so pleased to be a part of this guest post opportunity as I am not only a mother but a huge fan of music too. I am a horrific singer but it has never stopped me from belting out my favourite tunes from a very young age.

A song from Jen’s childhood

Spice Girls – Say you will be there

Born in 89 of course, my favourite band was the Spice Girls – they were shaaaamazing. I was obsessed with all their songs and went to many of their concerts. I genuinely loved every single song but I think my favourite would have to be ‘Say you’ll be there,” because it was very catchy, powerful and the video was wicked. I lived in many different houses as a child and this song, in particular, reminds me of a house I was able to call home for 5 years which was a record for us. Everyone had a favourite Spice Girl and mine was definitely, baby spice aka Emma Bunton. Despite, Spice Girls no longer being in a band, I still regularly listen to their tracks and my daughter is now a fan.

A Song what makes Jen happy

Meghan Trainer – All about that Bass

I feel happy when I listen to this song, as it is so bouncy, pop video with a great message. I loved the video because it was bright and quirky. Every time I hear this song, I act as if I am literally in the video. Not only was it a fabulous song but I loved that Meghan Trainer was confident enough to release a song about curvy girls (for once.)

A Song that psyches Jen up

Mark Ronson Feat Bruno Mars -Uptown Funk

A song, which psyches me, would have to be Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk,” because anytime it comes on the radio, at children parties or pops up on my playlist, I shamelessly start TRYING to dance. I am so bad, that I cause major embarrassment for my daughter – so much so that I see her face fall when the song comes on! The song is so bloody lively and fun, how can you not enjoy it? I think it is a brilliant song, so hats off to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

A song that makes Jen sad

Maxwell – This Women’s Worth

This song is such an emotional one for me as I always think of my loved ones that I have lost. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, so much so it moves me to tears, almost every time. I think the song,
was beautifully written and cleverly arranged. I am such a sensitive soul and this song always without fail, moves me.

Jen’s Favourite song from a film

Prince -Kiss

Pretty Woman is my favourite film of all time and I absolutely adore when the beautiful Julia Roberts is in the bath; looking almighty HOT, singing along to it. Prince was iconic and has left a legacy behind and I will forever have great joy when the watching that particular scene.

Jens favourite theme tune from a TV series


My favourite theme tune would probably have to be EastEnders, sad as it maybe. However, it is so catchy and whether you watch it or not, I think everyone knows the tune. In addition, we all know when the tune slightly changes; somebody is leaving – proper fan! Please do not judge me but it is my guilty pleasure.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more and if you would like to converse, or collaborate, then please contact me on any of the below.
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