Give In To Your Caribbean Addiction

Sea, sandy beaches, Johnny Depp as a pirate and a bottle of authentic rum. These are all the things most people associate with the Caribbean islands. In the UK, the love for the Caribbean goes a little further, especially since the BBC delights millions of viewers every year with new episodes of their favourite Brit – or Irishman – solving crimes under the hot sun. But ultimately, it’s more than the perfect location for a detective TV show. It’s a place of eternal summer – or so we think – glorious food and friendly people. In short, it’s the place to be for your next holiday!

The Brits love the Caribbean lifestyle

When Death in Paradise first showed up in the British screens; it felt like wrapping a sunny blanket around you in the cold January, as the former main actor, Kris Marshall puts it. And it’s true that there’s nothing else the British public wants to dream about when the weather is rough and rainy – or snowy – outside than some light-hearted, sunny fun. That’s probably the secret of the continuing success of the series, even though the main cast has almost completely changed since Ben Miller first landed on the fictional island of Sainte-Marie. In reality, the show is filmed in French Guadeloupe and brings the perfect antidote to your Seasonal Affective Disorder. We can’t get enough of this sunny paradise!

Visit the site of Sainte-Marie

In Death in Paradise, Sainte-Marie is the main site for the action. However, the little island doesn’t exist in real life. The scenes are filmed in Guadeloupe, a French overseas department. Guadeloupe is composed of a series of Caribbean islands, populated by colourful and heartfelt accommodations and cuisine. You’ll love the variety of the sand beaches in Guadeloupe, as some black sand, others white, and finally the rest of the islands have golden sand. There’s a mesmerizing park with an active volcano that is breathtaking to see.

Two countries, one island

If you love the mixture of cultures in fictional Sainte-Marie, you need to head to Hispaniola, the island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. On the one side, the Pearl of the Antilles, Haiti, was first to declare its independence and establish itself as a democracy. If you want to dive in the history of Haiti, plan a stay in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. From the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel, you can explore the local culture, and you can easily drive across the border to the Dominican Republic. It’s also the ideal spot to try out surfing in the Bay Jacmel.  

Experience the end of an era in Cuba

Finally, if you want your Caribbean holidays to be rich in history, you should head to Cuba. After the death of Fidel Castro last year, there’s very little time left to experience Castro’s Cuba. Leave the expensive resorts behind and head to La Havana where you can get a feel for the authentic Cuban culture. You can even attend a concert by the Buena Vista Social Club if you’re lucky!

Guadeloupe, Haiti or Cuba, which one is the Caribbean island of your dream holiday? One thing is for sure, though, wherever you go, sea, sand, and sun will be awaiting you!