88% think holidaying with loved ones is the secret to lasting happiness

Holiday Hypermarket has revealed 88% believe a holiday abroad with loved ones would bring them the most genuine happiness in comparison to material goods such as a new car or mobile phone.

Respondents were asked to consider their expected level of happiness immediately after making a purchase, and then asked how much happiness they would expect their purchase to still bring them after one month, one year and five years.

The purchase options included a holiday with loved ones (followed by the memories/photographs of their holiday), a new car, a whole new wardrobe of clothing, a new TV or a new mobile phone.

Even after 5 years a whopping 85% of respondents still felt the memories of a holiday spent with loved ones would bring them the most continued happiness, with the new car following way behind at only 10%.

Respondents were asked to remove monetary value from the equation in order to bypass a product’s worth having an impact on the happiness it may bring to you. Only 4.8% said a holiday abroad with loved ones would bring them no happiness at all, with a higher percentage of those being male.

Of the 11% of people who said they’d find the most immediate happiness in a materialistic item, more than half of those went on to state that 5 years down the line, memories of a holiday with loved ones would leave them with more happiness than the material item they chose initially.

In another survey completed last year by Ready Steady Store, it was found that 46% of those residing in the UK thought of themselves as being materialistic (Materialism in the UK, TNT Magazine, 2018), however when we asked whether people felt life experiences were more important than material goods, a huge 91% agreed. With half of those aged 55 and over stating this to have become more important as they grew older.