I don’t usually post a lot about food, I feel a bit inadequate as there are so many mums out there taking great pride in following baby-led weaning and coming up with great recipes, but that’s not me. I don’t enjoy cooking, but I enjoy good food and don’t have the patience or the organisational skills to wait hours for it!

This doesn’t mean that I will let my child eat just anything. As I have mentioned in a previous post (you can read it here) I am not a massive fan of gluten, as a household we don’t eat pork and I don’t eat halal meat (this is my personal preference based on my belief that the animals suffer unnecessary pain as they are not stunned). If my baby expresses the wish when he is old enough to eat any of these things, I will not object, that is completely his choice.

RLT started weaning at five and a half months old, in that time we have experimented with lots of tastes and textures – I made all of his stage one purees as I was confident with mushing veg, even my cooking skills extend to using the steamer/blender! But stage two was a totally different matter, so we went on to pouches and jars, which I mixed with purees for the first few weeks. He’s tried many but he isn’t a massive fan of any meat except chicken (I must have tried him five times with beef, but he isn’t convinced by the taste!) This made me think his tastes may be similar to mine! I could follow a vegetarian diet without even noticing.

So when I noticed a post by Naomi at Me Becoming Mum about Babease baby plan, I was intrigued and immediately went to their website to find out more. I found that they were stocked in Boots– brilliant! Boots is one of the few shops we have where I live! Sadly the baby range was so small it didn’t have them, so I ordered a few on their website to collect in store.

I tried the Chickpea, pumpkin, tomato & coconut cream with herbs and mild masala before I gave it to him – it tasted absolutely amazing. His dad agreed – I made him try it the next time I gave RLT a pouch! RLT is a fan of big flavours, thankfully for us, and you can see he is enjoying every mouthful of the Babease pouches – it’s a notable difference from when I’ve tried him with some of the jarred products, he’s just not interested – especially with anything with beef, potato or peas in!

rlt babease baby bib

RLT’s dad is very keen to ensure that he doesn’t become one of these kids who will only eat chicken nuggets and beans – so I showed him the pouches we had and he thought Babease baby plan was a very good way of getting the little one used to amazing tastes at a young age, with the added bonus that RLT would be used to herbs and spices early, so we wouldn’t need to worry about taking him on holiday with us anytime soon (he is keen to revisit Vietnam as soon as possible!).

The other flavours Butternut Squash, Quinoa & Beetroot with Onion & Sage, Broccoli, Parsnip, Green & Puy Lentils with Onion, Fennel, Tomato & Herbs, Brown Rice, Swede, Courgette & Kale with Onion, Garlic & Thyme are equally as lovely too. I don’t think I’d really had much food with fennel in, so I admit to having a few spoons full when I first gave him it rather than the little sample I usually have!

babease chickpea, pumpkin , tomato and coconut milk

I’ve previously mentioned that I found getting Ella’s Kitchen products easier as they were easier to access, but the Boots which is close to my work stocks three of the Babease baby plan stage two pouches (sadly not the Sweet Potato, Tomato, Carrot & Quinoa with Chickpeas & Cumin, which we haven’t managed to try yet or the Chickpea, Pumpkin, Tomato & Coconut Cream with Herbs & Mild Masala) so this makes it quite easy to stock up. They were on 5 for 4 this week and I also had £28 worth of advantage card points thanks to buying a pushchair in Boots, so it makes sense all round to keep on buying – mum’s happy, dad’s happy and more importantly RLT is a massive, massive fan of the flavours!

On a totally unrelated note – as someone who appreciates good graphic design, these are the nicest packaging designs for baby food ever! Also with a lovely uncoated sleeve around the food!