Blogtober | Cars

Car is the one compromise we had to make to have a baby – we had a two seater sports car. However how much Mark did research into car seats being OK in this car, it was never happening!

We went and got a mom mobile – a Vauxhall Mokka I’m very happy with it. But it is no MX-5! If I could get Mark another car like this, I would. He misses driving it and as he drives for three hours a day, it is something that I know he would take great pleasure in having again!

I’m not a massive car fanatic. They get you from A-B as far as I am concerned! I had one car, a Renault Clio for years. It was almost like a brand new car by the time I got it as pretty much every part had been replaced. No one told me as a new driver that you had to check oil and water in a car – this resulted in a new engine…. actually more than once. Whoooooopsyyyyyyyy.