Blogtober | Relaxation

Relaxation. What is that? I think I vaguely remember it from around 16 and a half months ago!

Here are some of my favourite things to do to relax (or they were!)



I love watching a good box set in bed. In fact I probably love this more than anything!

Some epic things I have watched over the years include:

Parks and Recreation



Jeff Dunham shows (probably a massive guilty pleasure but Walter is a legend!)

The Blacklist

Lie to Me


Pretty Little Liars (I didn’t find this as epic and ducked out at the end of series 1)

Greys Anatomy

Orange is the New Black


Having a bath

Totally in agreement with Hexmum here. You can’t beat a nice warm bath.


Listening to music

I might sound 12. But sitting on the bed, closing your eyes and listening to music is brilliant – of course you have to have a sing along too! The Cure are definitely one of my bands to just listen and sing along to!


Watching the sea

I used to live a three minute drive from the sea and adored just watching it, I still work about a three minute drive from it, so often take the time to sit and watch the tide.