Chin Up Mask Review

Chin Up Mask Review

I was so super excited to try the Chin Up Mask as I love products like this. Why? Because I am 34, work full-time, have a 14-month-old child and I don’t have time to do anything about the effects of any of that!

My appearance has been getting me down since I gave birth. In particular my double chin, I’d never had one before, but I think the combination of being in my mid-thirties and developing an appetite for snacking on biscuits multiple times a day have taken their toll over the past year or so. So obviously the thought of trying a Chin Up Mask was music to my ears. I don’t have oodles of time for self-care, so anything that will give me a little bit of a confidence boost, which I can fit around my life, is fantastic.

I had done no research on the product before I received it in the post, so I was impressed by the quality of packaging when it arrived. It felt like a quality luxury product due to the practical, well-designed and sturdy packaging. The branding is clear and concise as is the level of information provided – the company has clearly done their research with having call-to-actions to sign up to the VIP scheme on the surrounding packaging.

As with most beauty products, it had the ingredients written on the back, again designed very crisp. The instructions were provided in the form of images – very similar to instructions you’d find in Ikea, only designed nicer. Now I am personally not too good with pictures like this, I like words. I’m the world’s worst person at Pictionary! So I had to think harder than the average person when following instructions – but this is more likely down to my own unfortunate challenges in common sense rather than the product – but as this is a review of my experience, I thought it was worth mentioning!

For example, you measure your chin with the measuring tape before and after use to measure success – I wasn’t 100% on where I should start and end the tape. An arrow is provided on the instructions but the arrow goes over the face, so did this mean that I measured within the structure of my jaw or below it? Probably common sense to anyone else who looked at it, but confused me a little. I got the headband the wrong way around too, but this was soon rectified as I just hadn’t looked at the image on the instructions close enough. I’ve checked other reviews such as the one here, but no one else experienced this, so it is just me!

The items also come wrapped in tissue, when you open the box, a lovely touch! The contents were as described on the flap, with further ingredients and cautions on the chin up mask individual packets, just in case they become separated from the box. First I used the supplied tape measure (not sure if I did this measuring correctly due to my reading of the instructions!) I measured from the tip of my chin and the underside of my chin until I reached my neck – this came to 7cm.

My delightful doobla chin before using the mask

I then ripped the individual chin up mask packet open to unfold it as instructions said, it was covered in the ingredients so incredibly wet inside the packet, so I’d recommend doing it in the bathroom. Not to the point it was pouring as it was thicker than that, but you need two hands to unfold the mask! I then placed it on my face.

Placing the mask

Then it was time to place the chinup band. You can feel the band working against gravity the moment you put it on as it is meant to be tight. It smushed my face up and I’ve only got a little face, so this caused hilarity in my house!

I then went about my nightly business of checking gossip sites online whilst I waited 30/40 minutes to remove the mask. After about three minutes I felt like my chin was on fire! I checked the wrapper which says ‘feeling warm is a normal phenomenon when applying the mask’, so this put my mind at ease that I wasn’t having some insane reaction. The heat stayed there the entire time the mask was on, but it didn’t intensify. The black band is tight on the chinip mask, so you instantly feel a lift. I felt my tongue was having muscle exercises and being moved back in to my mouth.

I took it off after 39 minutes due to the baby crying and not wanting to terrify him when I went to settle him. I massaged as instructed and then checked my chin measurements again in the same way as before the mask, it now said I measured 6.5cm – if correct a 0.5cm loss. My partner commented that it did look better and the skin felt lovely and soft. I went to bed, wanting to take photos in the morning with a better light.

Here is a before and after shot:

I’m not sure how much of a difference you can see but it definitely FELT better, tighter and firmer. Two days on, it doesn’t feel as firm as it did, but I feel that I look much less ‘jowly’ than I did a few days ago. I read on the website that the effects can last up to five days – as it is my time of the month at the moment, there could be a water retention issue. So I will certainly use again in a week’s time and post an update. It did make me feel more confident about my appearance and I felt much better looking in the mirror when applying my makeup. That is worth more to me than someone else noticing, so I would definitely consider using this product longer term.

I had the trial set, which came with two masks which you can purchase here

I was kindly provided the trial set for review purposes and all views are my own. The product provider has not seen this review until published and has had no input in to the contents.