I don’t know about you, but I am always on the lookout for kid friendly holidays. But sometimes it can be hard to discern which locations will work well for the whole family and which won’t. The thing is that you really need to get a good balance between having facilities for the little ones and having enough things for the grownup to do as well. While it’s also important that the break is easy to organise as you don’t want to end up exhausted before you even get there. With all of this in mind, keep reading to find out whether Calgary in Alberta, Canada, fits the bill.

Yes – You can get there easily

One of the things that make a difference in choosing a family friendly holiday is whether it is easy to arrange the break and get there. Calgary ticks this box, as there are at least four direct flights a day from London, and one from most other UK airports. Which certainly makes it convenient.

It’s also pretty easy to arrange your holiday as you can check whether you need to get a get a Canadian ETA online before you go. There are also plenty of package holidays offered by travel companies to this area. Which means you don’t have to worry about connections or accommodation when you get there.

No – It’s a long-haul flight

One of the marks against visiting Calgary as a family is that it is such a long way away. At least 9 hours on a long-haul flight from the UK.

This might not be too problematic for some families. But if you have little ones that aren’t too keen on sitting still or babies that haven’t flown before, it could make you think twice about picking it as a destination.

Yes – There are child-centred activities

Another positive mark for a family holiday to Calgary is that not only is there lots of cool cultural stuff to do like visiting the Heritage Park Historical Village and The Hangar Flight Museum. But there is also masses of stuff designed with the little ones in mind.

There are plenty of museums, a theme park and a zoo to keep the little ones entertained in the day, and a lot of great restaurants like Charcut and Workshop Kitchen for the adults and the kids to appreciate at night.


No – The weather can be harsh

Something that may you think twice about booking your trip though is the weather there. Calgary can get pretty darn cold, like close to zero cold in the winter, and while you might not mind too much, you may not want to take very young children to a city when it’s the temperature.

Although you could always turn it to your advantage and make it into a wonderful winter holiday complete with skiing, snowmen and hot chocolate!


Yes – Snow and skiing!

In fact, there are several famous ski resorts a car journey away from the city such as Canada Olympic Park, Castle Mountain, and Sunshine Village.

Where you can rent a chalet and your ski gear as well as appreciate the apre ski culture. Which is another popular part of life there.