Living Arrows

I am taking part in Donna from What the Redhead Said‘s Living Arrows – which is a celebration of childhood!

We could all do with a little more celebration in our lives!

To quote Donna, “The project originally took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday we share a moment from our week and invite others to do the same as part of this linky.”





Week 19/52 Living Arrows

Back to reality

After a great week in Center Parcs, it was back to reality for us this week – back to work and not spending every minute with our little one. I’m eight weeks in to being back at work and we still haven’t got a routine sorted. My other half’s job can mean 14 hour days sometimes, so adult meal times are up in the air, as is the washing and housework!

I’ve had quite a lot of work to do at home this week too as we’re in a busy time of year at work – so time spent together has been even more precious than ever. I went back to work on Tuesday after a week off and everything felt too much, I missed by baby and I felt so stressed about how big my work to-do-list was that from 2:45am on Wednesday morning I was awake just laid watching RLT sleep and crying.

I don’t let the baby see me sad and try to embrace the time we have together and work when he is sleeping on a night, which means no time to switch off, I haven’t even had time to wash my hair in a week (don’t tell anyone). I got the bulk of my work out of the way as I was on sole parent duty on Sunday and I couldn’t resist snapping RLT after his bath on Sunday morning, he looked so cute in the superbaby towel his superhero mad cousin bought him for Easter!

Sorry about the ramble!