New Years Resolutions

We are not even 12 hours in to 2017 and I have woken up with the most awful sense of dread! 

It is the 1st January, which means it is exactly two months until I leave RLT to return to work. Instead of being grateful for this extended time ( I had originally planned to go back on 4th Jan) I am driving myself insane with the thought of leaving the little man to return to full time employment.

For those of you who have read other posts, you’ll be familiar with my ongoing battle with anxiety and my need to have something to worry about. This one has crept up on me, but it’s really come to a head in the past two weeks. Reason for this being my dad has given me money to allow me to stay off longer (we did save for my maternity but we spent almost 30k in 2016 due to our house deposit, buying/selling legal fees and getting the house modernised so this massively impacted on how long i could pay my half of the mortgage and bills while I have been off) this is a massively generous thing for him to do but unfortunately he didnt realise I had to give work 8 weeks notice of changes and it is past that deadline.

Now I’m in a massive sulk and feel like I’m going to be missing out on so much, therefore I feel that rather than writing some 2017 blogging goals, I need to have some resolutions that I focus on instead of negative thoughts.

Here it goes:

  1. Make every day count – enjoy the time I have off with RLT, do as many groups as possible and enjoy the time we have and the milestones he will achieve between now and eight and a half months.
  2. Be grateful that work have been so flexible and allowed me to have a three day weekend to spend with RLT.
  3. Be thankful that RLT does not have to go in to childcare and that we have a great support system around us where we know he will be safe, happy and interacting while we are at work.
  4. Appreciate how hard his dad works and that he will change his working pattern (flexible working request pending) so that RLT has four consecutive days with his parents, which is twice as many as most kids whose parents have full time jobs.
  5. Remember that we are working to give him a life of experiencing new things and new cultures. This will be useful to him in years to come and help him develop as a person.   

    Does anyone who has gone back to work already have any advice they would be willing to share on how to cope with this transition? It would be much appreciated!