Nine months of EET

I just don’t know where the time is going. We seemed to have a winter that never ended and all of a sudden you’ve gone from a baby that has just started sitting up to a baby that can climb up the stairs on his own!

Between six and nine months you have learned so much. Your fear of missing out is still evident, but you no longer have to rely on us to get you to the action as you just get there yourself.

You definitely let us know what you like and what you don’t like, but with that you’re quite good at going with the flow as long as you are included.

baby smiling laid on front

You are a very sociable little boy. You love to smile at all of the staff when we take your brother to nursery. You’re in your element if I have to put you down whilst I put his shoes on and love exploring the nursery. Hopefully when you go there for the day, from January, it will be a smooth transition because you’ve been going in and out since you were a week old.

You have so many teeth and so much hair! You got four of your top teeth through at the same time, which must have been really painful for you. You handled it like an absolute pro!

You went on your first family holiday to Center Parcs, which you thoroughly enjoyed. Daddy went a little too fast on the bike, so you clung onto your brother for the entire journey. He made sure you were safe and it’s lovely to think that you feel safe with him.

two children in a rear bike carrier at whinfell forest center parcs

Your relationship with your brother continues to change. He can make you laugh like no one else can. You love it when he gives you attention. You have bitten him on the knee a few times, which he likes to remind us all of and he’s still working on being ok with sharing his toys. But generally, you make our hearts burst when you are together.

You’re both obsessed with the remote controls, which continues to drive me mad so I have to constantly hide them! You are also obsessed with your brother’s guitar and inflatable microphone for some reason. I think you two may form a band!

You’re still a dinky little thing. You comfortably fit in 3-6 months clothes and are only just starting to wear your 6-9 at nine months.

You love being involved in whatever your brother is doing, which is lovely. But he does like to tell you that you’re too small.

You’re a big fan of the backpack rather than the pushchair, you’re only just big enough, so we can use it more now.

Our food bill is about 30% more expensive every week now that you’re eating solids. You still hate for us to feed you with a spoon and love to smack it just before it goes into your mouth so the food goes everywhere! You’re a definite fan of beef, sausages (any variety), hash browns, potato wedges, any coconut milk-based curry, rice and orzo pasta. You definitely prefer savory to sweet and you’ve just realised that if you steal your brother’s bottle that you can have juice when your cup has water in. I’ve no idea how you worked out how to use a straw, but the first time you tried, you nailed it.

baby portrait on bed

Now you’re at the stage of eating the pebbles in the garden, eating the coal from the fire, taking yourself up the stairs, going to say HIYA to the cat, clicking your tongue to get the cat’s attention when you don’t have it and waving and clapping at anyone and anything. You’re an absolute livewire, little man and it’s tiring but brilliant.