Snuggle Seat Review

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this review were gifted for the purpose of review. All views remain my own and no one has had editorial control over this post.

With a three-year-old and a ten-month-old in the house, we have definitely had our fair share of seats for little people. With the baby swing chair recently making it’s the way to the baby paraphernalia graveyard, which is located on the treadmill in our garage, we had space for something that was better suited for our active children. Something that would fit in with the decor, would also be advantageous as lord knows we’ve had our fair share of yellow plastic!

We previously had a beanbag that we bought for our study as somewhere for Mark to sit when playing on his PS4, but my nephew managed to pop it by pretending he was a superhero and jumping on it. It was loved by all of the family, especially the cat, so when we had the opportunity to get another baby/toddler-friendly bean bag, we jumped at the chance.

Snuggle Seat offers a range of baby/toddler-friendly bean bags which are suitable from newborn up until 8 years old. More of a bonus – they aren’t plastered with cartoon characters and aren’t bright yellow! We opted for a limited edition grey jeans bean bag, as this looked there or thereabouts a similar colour to my wallpaper and sofas in the living room.

rear of snuggleseat with baby sat on it

What struck Mark and I instantly as we unpacked this product is the quality of it. It is extremely well made. The newborn and toddler covers are incredibly luxurious velvet and the zips are high quality – we’ve all experienced zips braking on us, haven’t we? Well, this one looks as though it will last the test of time. The grey jean base was incredibly good quality too and we were thrilled with the choice that we had made.

The product came premade with the balls already in the inner filling bag, ready to be used for a newborn. There was a brief instruction pamphlet attached to the zip, which didn’t state what age the newborn cover was suitable until, so we tried our ten-month-old in it. Although he was very settled in there (he probably sat still longer than he has for months!) we knew he could use his weight to topple himself. We then checked the website, which had a little more information on and said that the newborn cover was suitable until your child could support themselves. The toddler was overjoyed and couldn’t wait for the newborn cover to be removed, as you can see, below.

toddler sat on snuggleseat laughing at baby brother

We changed the covers so that it would then be suitable for our toddler, but as the inner filling bag had already been filled suitable for newborn, it was a little too rigid for him. This doesn’t seem to be the case when buying the product online, which means you can tailor it for your own requirements. The instructions stipulate to reduce down the number of balls in the inner filling bag for toddler use. We sadly weren’t provided with the stockinette, easy-fill plastic pipe or cable ties in order to keep the balls we then took out, so we face the conundrum of working out how to store the extra balls (if we ever had a need to use the newborn aspect of the seat). That’s obviously not an issue you’d face buying the product, so just my issue, which hindered using the product for two children of different ages.

toddler sat on snuggle seat

For now, as our ten-month-old likes to use it to stand up against and we’d have to remove more of the inside than the toddler would prefer us to, we will continue to use the seat for our three-year-old, who has taken a great shine to it and seems to be his place to be in charge of what we all watch on the television! We’ve noticed that the cat seems to have taken a shine to it on an evening, when the children are asleep, so we get more than eight years use out of it, so it is fantastic value for money with its current 55% off sale.