The Undisputed Greatest Wildlife Trips Of Africa

I’ve spent a couple of months in South Africa before and adored going to Kruger Park. In fact, I cried when I was sat watching the Hippos as I was truly happy! I want to give RLT the safari experience so much as I think nature and a love of animals is an amazing thing to have an appreciate. Here are some of the places in Africa that I’ll be looking to explore with him when he is a bit older:


The greatest haven

Many of the most beautiful creatures in Africa also have the unfortunate luck to be amongst the most endangered as well. However, there’s one conservation success that also proves one of the most exciting enclosures. At the Rwanda Volcanoes National Park, you have the chance to see some of the park’s 480+ mountain gorillas, more than double the population that was there since conservation first began. Tourism plays a big role in helping to support the conservation efforts, too.


The greatest migration

There are also those places where you’re likely to see many, many more than 480 creatures all in the same place. In particular, if you take a Kenya safari at the right time, you can see the thousands upon thousands of wildebeest that migrate every year through the Maasai Mara. As well as the great herds, you can see all the bustling activity they bring with them, like the big cats of the continent on the hunt and hundreds of thousands of gazelle and zebra coming along for the trip.


The greatest lake

There are cooler, wetter places to be found as well, and with them, they bring some of the brightest displays of color. In particular, if you’re fond of the color pink you might want to stop at Lake Bogoria in Kenya, where the whole lake gets transformed by a population of flamingos stopping for a drink and a feed. The sight of hundreds of those dazzling birds can be almost too bright to look at but it never fails to captivate its many visitors.


The greatest parade

Did you know that a group of elephants is known as a parade? If you see one up close, it’s easy to hear why exactly that’s the case with all the trumpets going off. It might not be as immensely populated as the Maasai Mara during migration season, but Chobe National Park in Botswana is guaranteed to give you an encounter with a family of the largest mammals in the world. Where you find water and shade in the park, you’re sure to see some of these majestic beasts roaming around, playing in the river, looking after their children and spraying water just about everywhere.