To my second born son

Mr Chunka Munka

We’ve known each other for five months now and you must think the world is very small, that you are just expected to get on with things and slot in to daily life. I wanted to write this, to let you know that this isn’t the case in my eyes. I see you, who you are and I want you to know that although your first five months have been very different from your brother’s, every moment with you has been a delight.


We haven’t had a lot of visitors but we have been parents for a few years now. To others we’ve done this  before, but to us we’ve never done this with you or known you before!

Obviously you weren’t around the first time to make this comparison, but I was and at first, it broke my heart. I love you so very much and want you to know how important you are. But then I realised I can do this. All babies are different and exciting; no matter how many you’ve had before, you were ever so wanted and when people make the effort to meet you, they all love you to pieces.

We’ve had you all to ourselves and the people that matter have been in your life from the very start and continue to be so. As your Mummy, this has been amazing, because time goes so fast, so I am soaking it all up.

The first time, we had lots of people giving us advice whether we asked for it or not and this knocked our confidence; we don’t have this problem this time and we also have a little experience on our side; so you get the tried and tested ways to do things, which I think you will agree, is working for us as you’re such a happy little boy.


Because I understand that you being a baby goes so fast, you go to groups at a much younger age than your brother did, I’m not afraid to walk through that door because the groups are for you and we have a great time together.

You may have all of your brother’s old clothes, your brother’s old toys and not many things that you could class as only being yours, but this is because the first time, I thought your brother needed those things; I thought he needed all of the material possessions, the trendy little outfits when all he needed was his family and their time. 

baby posing in high chair

So this is what you have little one, a solid foundation supported by people that love you and will empower you to be your own little person. You may hear many times that you’re not like your brother and that’s OK. We want you to be two completely different people just as long as you are both there for each other, healthy and happy.

I love you to the moon and back, my little boss baby. You, your Dada and your brother are my absolute world.